So much pain

August 19, 2009 § 4 Comments

That’s what second life is for me right now. I’ve doubled my computer’s memory, installed a new hard-drive, reinstalled the os from scratch and scrapped all second life files to reinstall SL from scratch scratch several times to try different viewers.  No matter what, if I’m in world for too long, my entire computer crashes. After it boots back up, most of the time the internet doesn’t work so I have to reboot again. I’m pretty sure it’s overheating the hard-drive because I have to wait for it to cool down before I can login in again for more than a minute before it crashes all over again.

This has been going on for a couple of months, which is one of the biggest reasons why I’ve been so scarce lately.  The weirdest thing is SL is the only program that does it.

This rant brought to you by the pain I went through to get the pics for the next post. The official client cuts the top (including the head) off all pictures so I had to install another viewer and wound up going through the whole reboot thing 2 or three times. Grrrr



§ 4 Responses to So much pain

  • Shimere Felisimo says:

    I had one graphics card that always crashed when I ran SL…and when I went over to crossfire with the two cards I have now, it actually slowed SL down instead of speeding it up (many CPUS will throttle down rather than overheat). The solution? 1) A new (or additional) case fan (cheap!) 2) Reseat your CPU fan with thermal transfer paste – Arctic Silver is the best brand 3) The best solution for me – a new, bigger power supply (sometimes power supplies run hot when your system is underpowered…and also, this one has a bigger fan to boot!) All of these are relatively inexpensive; 1 and 3 are easy. 2 is an artform.

    You know, doubling your computer’s memory and a new hard drive might be making it run even hotter…you should check to see if your power supply is large enough for all your components. My husband blew up a power supply once. It was pretty spectacular. He’s lucky it didn’t fry his entire system.

  • shelbyrasmuson says:

    Another thing I would try is one of the new Viewers out there…the new SL viewer crashed my puter every time but since trying Emerald and Snowglobe I’ve had no probs…worth a try.

  • Amelia Book says:

    Thanks for the suggestions! Unfortunately my comp is a laptop but it at least gives me questions for the repair guys.

  • Amelia Book says:

    The different viewers are interesting. The default does weird stuff with the camera, Emerald crashes within a minute. Back to snowglobe which seems to be the best compromise.

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