Golden Girl

July 23, 2007 § 2 Comments

This started with the top from the Shwank dress by Veschi. The texturing is beautiful and I keep wanting to run the ends of the scarf through my hands.

The shoes are the new ones from Enkythings that come in a million different colors. My earrings and bracelet are from Second Mirage and the eyes are from Eyefidelity. They come in some interesting colors and a choice of 3 highlights.

I’ve got Spirit, Yes, I Do

July 10, 2007 § 5 Comments

There’s a cheerleading shop in Second Life called appropriately SPIRIT. They’ve replicated the uniform of the current most popular cheerleader on TV, Clarie from Heroes. (I’ve included a NBC publicity photo of Hayden Panettiere as Claire so you can compare for yourself.) The shape is the Claire shape (which is modifiable) that comes with the special edition Claire hair that isn’t available in the hair only packs. Or you can just purchase a 4 color pack of the hair which comes in a choice of 16 different shades. The plain white sneakers are included. They are NoCopy/NoMod/NoTrans.
To the left I have the Pro Spirit Boots in Gold suede. They come in a variety of colors as well as white and black. They are No Copy/NoMod/NoTrans.
To the right are the black Spirit Color change sneakers. They also come in white. You can color change the S to the colors you want and the inside color can be changed independently from the outside color. As you can see here I’ve got the outside color red and in inside a light gold.
Snapshot_010 copy
Photo credits: Skin – Canimal – Glamour Ruby1 light; Necklace – Second Mirage – Fiona with leather cord; Avatar & Outfit & Shoes – Spirit

Review copy: yes
Friend or Update Group: No
Price: Claire Shape & Hair pack L$700; Claire Hair pack of 4 shades L$300; Spirit colorchange sneakers L$300; Spirit Pro Boots L$300
Permissions: Uniform – No Transfer, included shoes – No Mod/NoCopy/NoTrans; Claire Hair – No Transfer; Spirit colorchange sneakers – No Mod/NoTrans; Spirit Pro Boots – NoMod/NoTrans
Shop: Spirit

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My Eyes

July 7, 2007 § 1 Comment

OMG! Someone has gotten me out of Miriel’s eyes!!!! Lux released a new set of eyes. This Calypso line puts a tropical island in your eyes. I’m wearing Luau, but take a look at the second image for other colors. They come in 2 sizes.
Photo Credits: Canimal Glamour – Ruby 1 light; Eyes- Amaretto – Calypso Luau; Hair – ETD – Daisy II

Review copy: no
Friend or Update group: both
Price: L$100 for a large and small size
Location: Amaretto Mainstore, Store #2
Blog: Amaretto

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May 2, 2007 § 3 Comments

Wow. Nephilaine Protagonist of Pixeldolls has opened a new shop called Avatar selling full avs for $250L: outfit, accessories, body shape, hair, skin, eyes, and AO included. These are human avatars meant to jump-start new players wanting to customize their av. All pieces are copy/mod, including the AO.

Deadly reminds me of a Neverwinter Nights character I had :-). The hair is Launa Fauna, The clothes have a lot in common with stuff Neph’s sold in her store. The AO is a nice, simple starter. The only complaint I have is the shoes which are completely system. The textures are great, of course, but they look like a couple of bricks stuffed in socks. If I was going to wear her often, I would probably add L&E’s Traveler’s boots. And that pair of sais I saw at SL Boutique. 😉

Still, it is a great deal.

I finally got an animation override t…

March 28, 2007 § Leave a comment

I finally got an animation override to work nicely in a way I like. I’ve tried various types of AO’s but I’d either take it off when adding/changing prims or it would start annoying me and there was no way I could figure out how to add poses/animations to the AO. Well at Reel Movement I found the Zhao (short for Ziggy’s HUD Animation Overrider) for free (Or was it L$1? I honestly don’t remember). Then I loaded it with all my poses that I liked. Just by dragging the pose into the object when you’ve got the edit window open. Then you edit the note card. The note card took me a little while to understand. You have lines not to touch (those with something already there) and then you just type the exact name of the pose/animation you want played below the type it is. For example:

:: [ Standing 1 ] ::
*luth* classy 1
:: [ Standing 2 ] ::
*luth* classy 2

Another nice thing is the fact I can add different note cards and not have to change my AO. For example, I can have a note card “Fashionista” set up for when I’m formally dressed and a note card “PUNK” for when I’m goofing off around the grid. All I have to do is click the load button and it pops up with all the note cards I have in the HUD listed. I just click on the one I want and it loads. So go mix & match your own. And if you know of any good fly/landings let me know where to find them.

If you read the site, which I’m sure …

March 25, 2007 § Leave a comment

If you read the site, which I’m sure you just read from Fashion Planet or via RSS reader, you’ll notice I changed the layout a few days back. It was a new layout available from I may change the banner later to something related to SL. I like how the little thin photo borders get added on with this template.

Also Amelia has had a Notecard for Customizing Your Avatar for Newbies that she wrote some time ago. I just converted it to a Google Doc for the website. Please! Go read it. Let us know places we need to add to the listings. Either comment here or drop me a Notecard with a LM to let me know what we’ve missed. – Tanya Book

RFL 2007 – Part 2

March 11, 2007 § Leave a comment

New eyes for Relay for Life. To be honest, I didn’t really go wild for them, but if you like them go buy them! It supports RFL.

Post from the Forum.

RELAY FOR LIFE limited edition EYES – by Numinous

Choose from 1 of 7 designs or buy them all —

50% of all sales of this Limited Edition series
will be donated to the RELAY FOR LIFE campaign
benefiting the American Cancer Society.
Numinous, Kress (217, 83, 148)

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