Wow, five years

May 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

  Not really into blogging right now but my birthday seemed like the time to tie myself to the computer chair.

  • Hair – [elikatira] Early – Brown 02
  • Skin & lip gloss – Exile: September: Creme: Laguna
  • Eye shadow – (PixelDolls) Eyeshadow . Fiametta . Lime
  • Nail polish – Adam n Eve Manicure & Pedicure Tattoo Pink Spark
  • Dress- e! Zahra Dress (Light Green)
  • Leggings – **MIS** Pins Pants – Snow
  • Cami -jane femme lace cami milk
  • Shoes- [elikatira] Flair Flats – Teal/White
  • Belt – (Elate!) Black Belt (low)
  • Earrings, necklace, & eyes by Miriel, who I miss even if my linden balance doesn’t

Hubby’s Boutique

February 16, 2008 § 1 Comment

Jesse dropped me a few of the new releases from Hubby’s Boutique. Bright colors of the skirts contrast wonderfully with the animal prints.
Photo Credits:Pose – Reel Expressions – Fashion S2; Outfit – HUB – Jackie – Zebra; Hair – Aden – Regina – DarkBrown; Skin – Darkes Sisters – S8 – Sunkissed – Bellissima – Tease

Photo Credits: Pose – Reel Expressions – Fashion S2; Outfit – HUB – Jackie – Leopard; Hair – Aden – Regina – DarkBrown; Skin – Darkes Sisters – S8- Porcelain- Bellissima – Crush


Dance Pants

July 4, 2007 § 1 Comment

From when I first got these shirts from iki, they reminded me of the stuff dancers wear but I didn’t have anything to wear on the bottom. I went to Winter Moon to check out the new tee shirts and found these perfect workout pants.

Deka Designs

July 2, 2007 § 3 Comments

Deka’s designs are well done for a new designer. Not only technically, but the designs themselves manage to be distinctive without becoming outrageous.

I particularly like the folds on the Roman Nights gown. The scarf has two lengths trailing down my back. The default attach point of the scarf knocked my glasses off. Putting them back on removed my prim eyelashes. On one hand it’s a pain for me, on the other it leaves the chest free for us to wear necklaces.

The Bronze Dream Bikini is beautiful but it has two problems. One, not enough but coverage ;-). Two, like all of her bikinis, it’s on the underwear layer. So those of us who sometimes or even always wear tatoos are out of luck.

Primavera is the pants suit. Again the scarf has the same default attach point as my glasses.

More Pirate Wear

June 26, 2007 § 3 Comments

I’m sitting here complaining to Tanya that I didn’t have anything to show off the fabulous new Launa Fauna boots when she says “Do a pirate outfit.” But I’ve already done a post with my pirate stuff I thought. But I start combing through my inventory anyway and whoops! I never did blog this outfit from Bare Rose did I? You guys should really be scared of my inventory.

It also comes in red and blue. naturally I’m wearing the purple version. You notice how I’m wearing the new Starley hair? It works perfectly with other hats! *Cheers*

The sword is a RFL, sorry I don’t know the maker.

I wish you could see the leather texture on these boots. It’s like Heiress bag good. Launa can keep making shoes please?

Vindi Vindaloo dropped a box of items…

May 31, 2007 § Leave a comment

Vindi Vindaloo dropped a box of items on me. These are very Haute Couture items and I enjoyed trying them on. From left to right are Amanda – Black & White, Amanda – red, Cathedral Gown, Duci – Blanc et Noir, Duci – Poupe et Noir, Duci – Wedding Gown, French Maid, Silk & Linen – Ladies Business Suit, Silk & Linen – Plisse & Ample, and Silk Flower. My favorite out of the bunch was Amanda. I did wear the Silk Flower dress to Insolence’s skin sale and got complements on it.

Skin – Lovey’s Boutique – chai – Bubblegum; Hair – ETD – Daisy – Chestnut


May 29, 2007 § Leave a comment

I went on a shopping spree at Tuli’s and purchased all this lovely stuff.

Left to right: Skin – Tuli – light tone – XTreme Candy, Hair – Miriel – Maiden – Chocolate, Jewelry – Miriel – Bauble, Dress – Tuli – Keeley – navy;
Skin – Tuli – light tone – chic sultry, Dress – Tuli – Ally – ocean & red, Shoes – Shiny Things – T strap revised – white; Skin – Tuli – light tone – XTreme Pink, Top – Tuli – Kimi scarlet/black, Jeans – Luminosity – worn w/ black belt

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