Happy Fall

November 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m not blogging much but I’m in world pretty much every day. The way outfits have been redone in the new viewer to link to the items instead of moving or copying them has finally made it useful for me. Now I really with it used tags for searching through all my outfits 😉

I’ve also fallen in love with the tattoo layer. The new beta viewer giving us the ability to wear multiple ones made me squee.

I’ve gone through my Fall outfits for pics for this post. I’ll point out some pieces but feel free to ask if you want something I didn’t list. Pretty much all the hair is from Truth, I’ve fallen in love with the textures in the last few months. Most of the skins are either my old favorite 5th & Oxford or Exile. I spent the Summer wearing Exile’s Chloe line and Have rarely taken off the September line since it came out.

This was supposed to be a post of it’s own but I was too busy. Whippet & Buck put out this dress in several colors. To me it makes the perfect LBD. So we have both a day and an evening look for demonstration. The black flats are from Ingenue, I collected several pairs of both styles in the store and have thus far resisted grabbing the rest of the colors and the heels.

I’ve also been experimenting with my hair and eye colors lately. Hair is Truth, eyes are from the late, great Miriel and skin is Exile. The September skins have cleverly put the darker eyebrow colors on tattoos. The sweater is an oldie but goody from Pink Outfitters. You’ll see these boots from Shiny Things in various colors in many of the pics.

I’ve also been in love with these tweed pencil skirts from Sn@tch. They’re inexpensive and come with two fabulous belts in both black and brown. The striped top is also from Sn@tch, a group gift I think.

Top and skirt from Whippet & Buck. Just assume I rave about everything they put out. 😉 The minis have been ideal for layering over the plethora of leggings/tights available. Brown hair is more Truth, the violet eyes are still Miriel.

I’ve been trying to come up with different ways to wears these tights from Fishy Strawberry. Something about the color combinations, the texture and the widths of the stripes is just right.

You’ve all seen the dress I’m sure. The tights are from This is Fawn and the undershirt is from Janie Marlowe’s new store Jane. Jane is another store I’m resisting buying out. Which is harder because it’s so inexpensive. There are a set of tank tops in just about every color for free in the back.

The jacket is another Jane find. I love it so much I bought all three colors.

One More VG

August 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

Last one, I swear. While I was there I picked up this Stressed Trenchcoat, the umbrella is a freebie at the sim. My hair (another from Hair Fair) is new Panache! Also, new Miriel *dances* – Classic Necklace – Antique Gold/Red Jasper. Love that veining.


July 28, 2008 § 1 Comment

This started with Novocaine’s Vintage Coat. Under is *BoA Creations* Glamour dress. I should point out that the skirt of the coat uses the same attach point as the skirt of the dress, I did some attachment point juggling that wouldn’t look good in motion.

Canimal is back

February 13, 2008 § Leave a comment

Woohoo! in addition to cool new clothes like my jacket below, she also has new skins. Eyebrow and lip tint for $800L each or $2000L for a set of 3.


The belt is from Refuge and comes in brown as well as black.


Blue Christmas

December 17, 2007 § 1 Comment

I took this photo several days ago and meant to post then. The Hat & Coat are the gorgeous work of Siyu of Illusions. I just adore it. Snapshot_001

Photo credits: Coat & Hat – Illusions – Snowflake Hat & Coat; Skin – Celestial Studios – Charmed – Holiday 06 Snow; Hair -ETD – Hermia – Chestnut


Calla Anniversary Freebies

October 16, 2007 § 4 Comments

Last weekend was the 1 year anniversary celebration of Calla hair. After scooping up all the goodies I started playing with combos. Here’s my favorite.


This is Foxglove with the lovely jewelry made by Alienbear (love everything about it really), the jacket from Isolde (aren’t the cuffs adorable?), high-waisted pants from Persona (love the stripes) and shoes from Zhao (if you zoom in, you can see their calla lily emblem in the crest).

Last Call

October 1, 2007 § 1 Comment

Ginny liked this enough to name it after herself. Now Ginny seems to have the system skirt mastered so you don’t really realize you’re wearing one. Granted this one has prim piece that’s for the black skirt not the jacket on the skirt layer, but it’s not the 30 prim flexi skirt. I usually try for pants or a system skirt when I attend a fashion show because my system can lag unbelievably. I wore this when I attended the New Shoots Press show by Metro Models. (Can I say that was an awesome idea to have a showing for the SL fashion press? Well, it was.) I could see the models rez, take photos, and still look hot on the grid. Check out the flickr stream if you missed it.Snapshot_010 copy
Photo Credits: Outfit – Last Call – Ginny; Hair – ETD – Aveda Medium Straight – Expresso; Skin – Minneu Model – Pale Gloss – Old Hollywood (group freebie); Shoes – Tesla – Leather Vixens- Liquorice (review copy)


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