Dazzle’s Last Call

February 10, 2007 § Leave a comment

Dazzle’s Last Call is now open. I cut my Linden balance in half shopping there, but I refrained more that I thought I might. I thought I’d have to have everything there, but I looked around. Made a list. Then went back. And I decided against a few things when I went back. This dress is the Sexy Heather that runs L$250. I’ve added a cute set of Poema Pearls with it for L$150. Starley’s Vogue Deviant Nation Skins is also available in the Dazzle sim.

Skin – Vogue/Deviant Nation – Champagne – Drama Queen/Backstab; Dress – Last Call – Sexy Heather – Vamp; Jewelry – Last Call – Poema Pearls – White/Silver Lace; Shoes – 1-800-Betties – Tango Sandals – Red; Hair – ETD – Goddess II – Chestnut

I found the cute little black dress with a Union Jack emblem for L$250. The Union Jack Manicure is L$50. I really like the glossy lips on this skin as well.

Manicure – Deviant Nation – Union Jack; Skin – Vogue/Deviant Nation – Champagne – Ether/Empty; Dress – Last Call – Predate; Eyes – Miriel – Basic Brown; Hair – Fetish – Messy Buns – Mahogany; Jewelry – Cailyn’s – Pearl Choker – Ruby; Shoes – 1-800-Betties – Tango Sandals – Red

This next set I may wear for days without taking it off. It’s called Droog. L$200 It also comes in pink, mint, steel grey, or powder blue options. The necklace I’ve paired it with is Bishonen Women’s Dog Tags available in the jewelry section for L$200.

Manicure – Deviant Nation – Union Jack; Skin – Deviant Nation/Vogue – Champagne – Ether/Never; Outfit – Last Call – Droog; Necklace – Last Call – Bishonen Women’s Dog Tags; Eyes – Miriel – Basic Brown; Hair – Fetish – Wrapped – Mahogany; Shoes – Lassitude & Ennui – Low Heeled Sandals – taupe


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Bettie’s Red DotsEyes – OPIUM – Mediterranean

Hair – Darling – Chocolate

Skin – Crushed – Icon Marilyn Shimmer Red – Almond

Shoes – 1-800-Bettie’s – Tango Shoes – Red

Dress – 1-800-Bettie’s – Dots Dress – Red

Another lovely retro dress by 1-800-Bettie’s.

The hair is something I got out of a customer appreciation pack. I love the style, looks like how I wear my hair normally, but I don’t like their chocolate or brunette textures.


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Bettie’s RetroEyes – OPIUM – Atlantis

Hair – 1-800-Bettie’s – Crawford Curl – Brunette

Skin – Crushed – Icon Audrey Nude – Almond

Purse – Sooped Up – Ball Bag – Grey

Shoes – 1-800-Bettie’s – Tango Sandals – Brown

Outfit – 1-800-Bettie’s – 1940’s Day Suit – Grey

Bettie’s has great retro outfits. The collar and cuffs have black and white options. Also gloves come in black and white. If you take off the collar it’s just a simple unadorned V neck.

I also have this exact same dress in red.

I’m not very wild about thier shade of Brunette, but they got some blondes that look good on the ads. I’m a darker brunette fan myself.

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