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March 26, 2008 § Leave a comment


Outfit from Nyte N’ Day (Veat), Hair is Bryce Superstar, A Relay for Life version is also available. Earrings are {Junk} Full Moon, Purse is ETD City Purse, Shoes are Shiny Things Francoise Flats – blueswirl. The swirley versions are all Relay for Life.


Skin is Fleur Marni, shirt is April Top from Digit Darkes, bag is ETD Everyday tote, shoes are Shiny Things Brocattos.


Red Roses

March 10, 2007 § Leave a comment

The outfit is of the things I picked up at one point in my shopping. This is the texture Aleri had suggested for me. She sent this style with several of her new textures out to the Fash Con group.

Eyes – Miriel – Basic Brown; Hair – Diversity – Tricky – Sable; Skin – Skin Within – Azora Tan – Flirty; Shoes – ETD – Lace Up Heels; Dress – French Spirit – Rose Garden flex dress

Gripe and you shall recieve

March 9, 2007 § 3 Comments

I was just sitting in my Photosphere working on some photos to show you why my Linden balance was shot when I got an IM from Aleri Darkes. She had read the post where I had complained about the lack of good dark brunette textures. Hers is just a little off in shading and a tad too shiney.

Probably the ones I hate the worst (which irritates me to no end because I love her prim work) is Gurl 6. I’ve actually considered buying ETD’s old texture set she has for sell and redoing all my Gurl 6 hair with those textures.

But alas I digress from the story to the rant again. Aleri sent me the Cheer hairstyle in some new textures that she’s working on to ask for my feedback. I absolutely LOVE the midnight. I don’t normally fall that in love with a black texture, but I did with this one. And the sable is gorgeous. It’s a dark brown with subtle shading. Hopefully these will be release before too long with her hair releases.

She also does the release of demo hairs when she does her FashCon packages. I LOVE this idea, Aleri. I’m sitting in my own little neck of the woods going through the textures of releases when I get to hers I unpack it. It’s got demos of her releases. I just try them on in the comfort of my own quiet little pad, pick the styles that suit me before going to the store to purchase it. This is the ult!

BTW the Photosphere is usable by ALL. Please donate somewhere to RFL if you use it! That’s all I ask.

Now I return you to my digging through my inventory and creating my “Paperdoll” cause I’m out of L$ & the system won’t let me purchase any.

Mars by Tete a Pied

March 8, 2007 § 1 Comment

This post originally started out about Tete a Pied’s March release entitled Mars (in case you are not into French their monthly limited edition after the Month in French). It’s a little more delicate than the bolder January/Janiver & February/Fevrier releases.

Lashes – Sin Skins – Portia; Eyes – Miriel – Light Brown; Skin – Tete a Pied – Rose Medium – Mars; Hair – Diversity – Cheer – Deep Brown; Shoes – Shiny Things – T-strap revamped – black; Outfit – TaP – Mars – Blue

I love the hair shape, but my main complaint about most brown hairs are with the textures. They don’t look right. They either are too light or too cartoony looking. The “too cartoony looking” has been my complaint with lots of things in SL, but mostly shoes and hair. (I think several of the casual shoes look too much like clown feet, but that’s a whole nother rant.) Take a look at the hair in this photo. It comes close, but the light dark shading seems weird like too much contrast between the light and the dark.

Then compare it with this macro shot of MY REAL HAIR. I like the color. It’s a dark, dark brown. I want this or something very similar when looking for SL hair. ETD does dark brown well.

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