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And a new skirt release from artilleri. I’ve developed a mania for system pencil skirts. Boots are from ETD and yes, another bag from Bare Rose. I kinda went on a shopping spree.



June 7, 2008 § 1 Comment

/artilleri/ carlita top *teal*

/artilleri/ Carla circle skirt *white*

/artilleri/ Emi skin – Porcelain – DEMOS

(Shiny Things) Skyliners

Relay for Life dump

March 28, 2008 § 2 Comments

I have bought so much RFL stuff that I’m just doing a round up post of what I’ve photographed.


Here we have Bossa Nova’s entry- Primavera in rain. I’m wearing it with a dollarbie hair that Truth put out and a pair of earrings from artilleri.

Draconic Kiss has put the Ella outfit out in several colors, including 2 for RFL: pink and this grey.


I absolutely adore the detailing on Lucille by Irelyn, again available for RFL in black and pink. My hair is from Gurl6 for the Fashion for Fido event.


Dress- Nyte’N’Day – RFL Seraphic Pink, Choker- Talisman – Pink Butterfly Choker

I have more but this post is too long already.


Jews Do It for 8 Nights

December 16, 2007 § Leave a comment

The two Fiends from Hell otherwise known as the Book Sisters have roped me into posting again. So Whaddah you looking at?

Happy Late Hanukkah

Photo Credits: Skin: TaP Beat in Buff; Hair: Truth Wentz Dark Choco; Necklace: Shiny Things Mechanica; T-Shirt: [Random] Holidays gift; Pants: /artilleri/ cargo pants *gray*; Shoes: Jeepers Creepers Oslo Brown; Tattoo: *Truth* Davinci

Tanya really loved the Tatts which are based on Davinci’s work. Available from Truth.


Jewelry Expo Booty (long)

September 15, 2007 § 4 Comments

The Jewelry Expo is open and my not so inner jewelryholic is very happy.

I finally picked up these nouveau filigree hoops from junk and the surprise cameo from boing fromage. The cameo comes in gold or silver, one strand or two. My hair is one of ETD’s new releases, the guys- Jared. And my outfit is from Devilish Cupcake.

Ah, the Kat’s Meow coat from artilleri. Why is everybody blogging it? Oh yeah, cause it’s fabulous. Not just in looks but because of minimal prim adjustment needed. I’m wearing a new Muse release, the Dauphine necklace and earrings in silver and champagne available only at the expo. I also have on the Tete a Pied Chaton skin inspired by the coat (I think it’s safe to say half the fashion lovers want this coat in real life) and the ribbed leggings and leather gloves from TaP. Once I realized they matched the heiress bag I couldn’t resist 😉

The single piece of jewelry we’ve all been waiting for, Muse’s Chatelaine Shoulder Brooch and Chain. It is as exquisite as the rest of her work. The feather changes from black to white.

bluedress.jpgThere’s a treasure hunt going on and one of the prizes is the necklace and earring set above from Miriel. If you look closer, you can see the full moon in the center with cresents surrounding it and new moons on the ends. The Lu sisters of Paper Couture have put out an exclusive set of jewelry including a pearl choker and earing set and several cocktail rings, three of which are pictured here. Once the Expo’s over, the sign says, these will never be sold again.

And if you’ve been wondering about my dresses in the last two photos, they’re the new releases from Bossa Nova 🙂

“After a prolonged and semi-involuntary absence, we’re finally back:). Now on a new, bigger build, at a lovely beach plot in Amour, the bossa nova store is full of goodies! Besides the new releases, there’s a couple of freebies that will be given only on the first week of opening, and won’t be avaliable anymore – ever. Also, a lucky chair with two exclusive versions of the Bem Querer and Saudade dresses, two of my favorite past releases. So, don’t forget to stop by for a moment:) See you there!” Opening at Midnight Sunday.

Also Tuli has posted her own notes with different stuff.



July 2, 2007 § 1 Comment

Unpop has amused the nurse. These are “girly” shirts. And when they say girly, nothing is more definitive of a girl than the uterus. I usually think of Unpop more for animations than clothing, but they really amused me with this one.

The crutches & cast are something I found at the Lollipop Shop. Matches my RL self now.

Snapshot_051 copy
Skin – artilleri – lily sunkiss – marielle; Hair – ETD – Willow Chestnut; Shirt – unpop – Girly shirt; Jeans – Luminosity -worn jeans black belt

Review Copy: yes
Friend or Update Group: no
Price: L$100 for 4 colors
Permissions: No Copy, No Mod
Shop: Unpop


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July 1, 2007 § 1 Comment

Calanthe Designed by Alienbear for her mom’s wedding. And Diantha was designed for her mom’s bridesmaid.
Photo credits: Skin – artilleri – lily sunkiss – angel; Hair – Naughty – Drama – Sable; Jewelry – Alienbear – Princess Diantha; Dress – PixelDolls – Lucie – Red

I love the long dangle feature in the back. I paired it here with the free Trench coat from First Impressions.
Snapshot_049 copy
Photo credits: Skin – artilleri -lily sunkiss – marielle; Hair – Naughty – Drama – Sable; Jewelry – Alienbear – Princess Calanthe; Coat – First Impressions – Pleated Trench Coat

Review Copy: no, gift from a friend
Friend or Update Group: no
Price: Calanthe L$350, Diantha L$280
Permissions: No copy, No Mod (script only, can resize)
Shop: Alienbear Castle


Check out the Yard Sale


June 30, 2007 § 2 Comments

I went on a shopping spree in Amaretto yesterday before Amelia & I drove to the Apple Store. I’ve had these in my notebook since Lux released them. I logged on this morning to find that she’s in the ETD little store for the month of July!!!!!

First up we have Celeste. Now SL fubared the purchase for me (I got a box, which wouldn’t rez anywhere, then when I logged out and logged back in it was gone from my inventory). I sent Lux an IM with the transaction # of the purchase and she replaced it right off. I’m really glad I’m not designing anymore with how SL is messing up people’s purchases recently. But Yay! for our designers who provide excellent customer service.

Photo Credits: Skin – artilleri – lily sunkiss – soft; Hair – Impulse by Naughty – Crave – sable; Jewelry – Cailyn’s – Wedding Belles Serenity; Dress – Amaretto – Celeste

Next up is the Persephone II. This is an update/upgrade from the freebie Persephone I that she has in her shop. (Hint, Hint: go get the first one while you are there.)

Photo Credits: Skin – artilleri – lily sunkiss – soft; Hair – Impulse by Naughty – Crave – sable; Jewelry – Cailyn’s – Wedding Belles Serenity; Dress – Amaretto – Persephone II; Shoes – Shiny Things – Tstrap revised – white

Next up is the Ingrid dress. Very detailed neckline & keyhole.

Photo Credits: Skin – artilleri – lily sunkiss – soft; Hair – Impulse by Naughty – Crave – sable; Jewelry – Earthtones – Boho Triple Layer Wood Beads; Dress – Amaretto – Ingrid; Shoes – Shiny Things – Tstrap revised – white

I did notice one problem with my avatar of the seams not even seeming to line up on the shoulder on the Ingrid dress. The rest of the dresses were right for me in the shoulder seams. Update: Lux has fixed this issue. Seams now meet.


Review copy: No
Friends or Update Group: Friend
Price: L$200 each
Permissions: No Transfer
Store: Amaretto
Blog: Amaretto


RFL 2007 – Part 15

June 23, 2007 § 1 Comment

Only available from June 21 to June 27, this limited edition from First Impressions is called Birdy (see the cute little birdys on the hemline). When Pukk sent me the press release I knew I had to have this one. I paired it with my Brown & Cream purse from ETD (the one with the Reel Movement poses from Luth Brodie), jewelry from Mercury (opening next week) and the brown Tuxedo pumps from Shiny Things.
Photo Credits: Skin – artilleri – lily sunkiss – angel; Hair – Fetish – Sexy Curls – Mahogany; Jewelry – Mercury’s Silver & Pearl (not released yet); Dress – First Impressions – Birdy; Purse – ETD – Casual Purse (w/ Reel Movement poses) – Brown & Cream; Shoes – Shiny Things – Tuxedo pumps – brown

Review copy: No, but I did get a press release
Friend or Update Group: No
Permissions: No transfer
Price: L$100
Location: First Impressions

What a weekend!

June 18, 2007 § 1 Comment

What a weekend!
While I was busy moving (in SL), I was also running out to pick up the latest amazing releases.

The new /artilleri/ sim opened with the dress on the right. And skins! I put on the first demo and asked myself “Which colors am I getting?” I went nuts for the facial shading. Left is the plum makeup, right is the cocoa. Hair is a new one from Tickled Pink. Seriously loving the layers.

The dress on the left is Boytrap from Amaretto. I was a little hesitant to get this one because I wasn’t sure it would look good on me (this has actually happened in SL) but it was so worth it. You can’t tell from the picture but the belt buckle has a tiny “A” in the center. The skirt prim is really easy to fit too.

Next is Coquette from Relika. It pretty much screamed “Amelia come get me.” I love blue and grey. I also love pin stripes and these are well done. The tops do come on separate layers so you can mix and match and there’s a pretty green and brown set too which I may go back for.

Then there was Glam. I’ve got the beautiful Tweed Slacks and the incredible Pea Coat in gold. The bottom of the coat is managed expertly on the skirt layer. The prim belt is tintable. The shoes are Ketra in ivory from Last Call.

The jewelry is Maya in grape from Earthtones. Beach stones, tumbled amethysts, I have no idea what the textures remind me of but they are very rich and deep.

Sorry to send this to you guys all at once but I’m really behind and I don’t have time to do separate posts.

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