Too Wrong

July 12, 2007 § 2 Comments

I did go on a little shopping spree while I was in Wrong. It started with the pants that weren’t plaid! The anarchy shirt is just my kind of twisted. I’m not sure why the purple leather cuff with spikes tickled me but there it was so I had to have the matching bag too.

The hair is from a place I hadn’t been before and and it looked cute in the picture but I could never get it to fit right, even after double checking my head size. I’m not sure if the problem is that it’s meant for nekos or with my skills. The jewelry is from the new Barerose Haute Couture store.

Why I didn’t get the Velvet Coat when it came I don’t know. I couldn’t resist now. FYI- the coat collar replaces a necklace but with the tattoos I was wearing I didn’t miss it. The coat can be worn with a shirt under it and other bottoms. The skirt is fine with another top.



July 10, 2007 § 2 Comments

Woohoo, free Pixel Dolls dress. Lots of pretty colors, I’m wearing rose.

The necklace is from Coquette. The beads are color-change and you can put pictures in by dropping them in the contents. I love the texturing on the front.

The purse is one of the new goodies at BareRose Haute Couture. You get three copies: hand-held, elbow and shoulder. I hate the initial thing on designer handbags in real life but I love the BR, go figure. And I adore the moon charm. The only thing is I think the holding animations are being overridden by my ao. It looked best when I turned the ao off to pose.

More Pirate Wear

June 26, 2007 § 3 Comments

I’m sitting here complaining to Tanya that I didn’t have anything to show off the fabulous new Launa Fauna boots when she says “Do a pirate outfit.” But I’ve already done a post with my pirate stuff I thought. But I start combing through my inventory anyway and whoops! I never did blog this outfit from Bare Rose did I? You guys should really be scared of my inventory.

It also comes in red and blue. naturally I’m wearing the purple version. You notice how I’m wearing the new Starley hair? It works perfectly with other hats! *Cheers*

The sword is a RFL, sorry I don’t know the maker.

I wish you could see the leather texture on these boots. It’s like Heiress bag good. Launa can keep making shoes please?

Biker Goth

April 24, 2007 § Leave a comment

I love goth. I love the leather and the velvet and the deep colors. This was originally supposed to be a biker look but somehow goth crept in.

It started with Isabeaux Leather pants from LF Fashions. I’ve been looking for these pants since pretty much my second day in world and I’m thrilled to have finally “found” them. The top is from Digital Knickers Outlaws Bitch. Is it weird I’ve decided I don’t have enough slutwear lately?

Closeup on the Bare Rose skin (love the softness), the Spiky hair from Curio and the Faedra’s Crest set from Earthtones. Yes the belly ring is silver. Real bad girls don’t care about mixing metals lol.

Shirts and Skins

April 22, 2007 § Leave a comment

Where do I start? The skin is from Bare Rose. Not only are they incredible, they’re $180L each. There’s a fair range of skin tones with regular, neko, and geisha makeups. You can see a little bit of the shading on the back but it’s even more impressive “in person”. The makeups are well-matched and well-blended. If I was a brunette I’d go nuts. I might anyway.

Next, clothes. Refuge has reopened with new stuff! I saw the shirt I’m wearing and new I had to have it. The jeans cut offs are from Tres Blah. The detailing is great isn’t it? BTW- the thing in the middle of my forehead is my Relay for Life Bindi from Norah. Just about everyone has a cancer story sometime I may torture you with mine. It’s a doozy! But right now I have more stuff to put into an outfit for you guys.

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