bossa nova

September 22, 2007 § 1 Comment

Okay I know I’m about a week behind with this one. This is the limited edition set from bossa nova which has 4 different styles in the black and white theme. The Jewelry in the close up shot is the Charmed Signature set from the Jewelry Expo.
Snapshot_112 copy
Photo Credits: Jewelry – Charmed – Signature Jewelry; Shoes – Maitreya – enchant – black; Watch – Muse – Tank Watch; Dress – bossa nova – Insensatez (limited edition); Hair – Calla – Delphinium; Skin – Soda – Andrea – Glow – Sultry

Jewelry Expo 1

September 17, 2007 § 2 Comments

Like the dress? Lux Yao of Amaretto has this out in her booth at the Jewelry Expo as a freebie/dollarbie (I can’t remember if it is L$0 or L$1), but it’s more than worth that. And the pearl studs are from Sub Rosa which I found at the Jewelry Expo as well.Snapshot_104
Photo Credits: Dress – amaretto – Special Occasion; Sub Rosa- Pearl Earrings; ETD – Alexandra – Chestnut; Reel Movement – Classy; Soda – Andrea Glow – Coffee


AnnaH Couture

August 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

This cute little dress is something from Anna H Couture. It is a newer shop and this dress has really charmed me. It’s got a 2 layered skirt that comes as 2 different skirt attachments. I’d rather both skirts be attached together and only use 1 attach point. But it’s still very cute.

Photo Credits: Skin – Sode – Andrea – Minimal; Hair – 0 Style – Misty – Brown; Dress – AnnaH Couture – Candy Stripe; Shoes – Shiny Things – Tstrap revised -white

Review Copy: yes
Friends list or Update group: No
Price: L$250
Permissions: Top & Shorts: NO MOD/NO COP/TRANS; Skirt & Underskirt: MOD/NO COP/TRANS
Shop: AnnaH Couture

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Xray vision

July 24, 2007 § Leave a comment

File this as another thing that amused me. I picked this up several weeks ago from Catalyst.

Photo credits: Skin – Soda – Andrea Peachy – Oceana; Hair – Haute Monde Salon – Loren – Chestnut; Jewlery – Second Mirage – Dragonfly Necklace; Outfit- Catalyst – Vetigo Ribcage – yellow; Pose – Reel Movement – Fashion Series 2

Review copy: No
Friend or Update Group: No
Price: L$200
Shop: Catalyst


Spirit Ballet Class

July 24, 2007 § 1 Comment

I spent a few days at my parent’s house letting my mom make a fuss, I really meant to blog while I was there. I had photos, but I never got around to it. So now I’ve got to get back to the grind.

This lovely ballet set is by Spirit. I love the sweater that comes with it. I almost always wore a sweater in ballet class because I was always cold. It came with leg warmers (which share the same attach points as the ballet shoe’s ribbons) and a skirt (which I rarely wore to class in RL).

Photo credits: Skin – Soda – Andrea Peachy – Oceana; Hair – Spirit – Graceful II – Medium Brunette; Jewlery – Second Mirage – Dragonfly Necklace; Outfit- Spirit – Ballet Class – Plum; Shoes – Spirit – Ballet Shoes – Sugarplum; Pose – PixelDolls – Ballerina AO

Review copy: yes
Friend or Update Group: No
Permissions: Hair – No Trans; Shoes – No Mod/No Trans
Shop: Spirit


July 19, 2007 § Leave a comment

I first became aware of Jayde Lisle through her review blog Ensembly Challenged. It’s one of the fashion blogs that have popped up recently, but Jayde is a newer avatar as well. Anyway she’s founded her own line of clothing called Saucy. My favorite of the review copies I’ve seen is the Chelsea dress.

Snapshot_013 copy
Photos credits: Skin – Soda – Andrea Peachy – Oceana; Hair – Haute Monde Salon – Baby – Chestnut; Outfit (L to R) – Saucy – Chelsea in Earth, Chloe jacket in Black, Brianna in Nectarine, Veronica in Black & Pink; Jean – Luminosity – worn jeans w/ black belt

Here’s a few photos of 2 dresses that I liked from the photos, but haven’t gone to purchase yet. 1, 2

Review Copy: Yes
Friend or update list: No
Price:Brianna Outfit L$125 each in 6 colors (Blueberry, Grape, Nectarine, Raspberry, Strawberry, Water) or L$450 fatpack; Chelsea Dress L$250 each in four colors (Crimson, Earth, Emerald, Scarlet) or L$750 fatpack; Chloe Jackets L$400 fatpack including 8 colors (Black, Brown, Deep Rose, Gray, Jade, Navy, Plum, White); Veronica Dress L$250 each in five colors (Black/Pink, Pink/Brown, Pink/Green, Red/Black, White/Red) or L$900 fatpack
Permissions: No Transfer
Location : Saucy
Blog: Saucy

Random stuff that isn’t clothes

July 19, 2007 § 3 Comments

Pretty much what the title says. The clothing designers haven’t gotten me in the last couple of days but I have too much other stuff to put off posting.

First, new Torrid poses!!!! I am such a pose (looks for word that isn’t a pejorative). Collector doesn’t have the same ring does it? Anyway, all poses in this post are from the new High Fashion set.

And the skins are from Soda, I feel obligated to point out that I actually *paid* for mine. 😉 I’ve gone hair nuts lately. On the left is one sent out last night by Elika Tiramisu in her new dirty texture. I’m going to lose all my lindens when she finishes retexuring, lol. On the right, I’ve finally joined the Aden fangirls. I always admired his work but I’m so darn picky about the blonds I’ll wear that I hesitate to disappoint myself. Also is a closeup of the new Cathedral earrings by Essentia to match the necklace. I want that design inlaid in a wood floor or something, I swear.

Left is another Aden hair. One thing I want to mention about these poses is that they come in two styles: with and without head fix. I love that option so my head doesn’t go off in weird directions when I’m taking photos. I also love the look on my face in the last pic. I look like I’m plotting a takeover or something.

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