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I haven’t fallen back into the school black hole yet and I liked this outfit so I thought I’d show it you. The top is from Pixeldolls (currently on sale for $50L) and the skirt is from boing fromage. Not two stores I’d normally think of together but it works. Sandals are Shiny Things, skin is old Chai and the hair is new from Bryce. I’ve loved the styles from there for some time and now with the great new textures I have yet another hair addiction.


One Vest Two Looks

August 24, 2008 § 2 Comments

I found this vest as a freebie at M&R Cupcakes. Cailyn’s is having a sale. This Abianne Necklace is one of my finds.

So Boing Fromage put out retextured versions of her Hot Summer BoHo Skirts and I had to put one with my new vest. I’m also wearing one of Calla’s new Hair Fair releases, Clandestine.

Jewelry Expo Booty (long)

September 15, 2007 § 4 Comments

The Jewelry Expo is open and my not so inner jewelryholic is very happy.

I finally picked up these nouveau filigree hoops from junk and the surprise cameo from boing fromage. The cameo comes in gold or silver, one strand or two. My hair is one of ETD’s new releases, the guys- Jared. And my outfit is from Devilish Cupcake.

Ah, the Kat’s Meow coat from artilleri. Why is everybody blogging it? Oh yeah, cause it’s fabulous. Not just in looks but because of minimal prim adjustment needed. I’m wearing a new Muse release, the Dauphine necklace and earrings in silver and champagne available only at the expo. I also have on the Tete a Pied Chaton skin inspired by the coat (I think it’s safe to say half the fashion lovers want this coat in real life) and the ribbed leggings and leather gloves from TaP. Once I realized they matched the heiress bag I couldn’t resist 😉

The single piece of jewelry we’ve all been waiting for, Muse’s Chatelaine Shoulder Brooch and Chain. It is as exquisite as the rest of her work. The feather changes from black to white.

bluedress.jpgThere’s a treasure hunt going on and one of the prizes is the necklace and earring set above from Miriel. If you look closer, you can see the full moon in the center with cresents surrounding it and new moons on the ends. The Lu sisters of Paper Couture have put out an exclusive set of jewelry including a pearl choker and earing set and several cocktail rings, three of which are pictured here. Once the Expo’s over, the sign says, these will never be sold again.

And if you’ve been wondering about my dresses in the last two photos, they’re the new releases from Bossa Nova 🙂

“After a prolonged and semi-involuntary absence, we’re finally back:). Now on a new, bigger build, at a lovely beach plot in Amour, the bossa nova store is full of goodies! Besides the new releases, there’s a couple of freebies that will be given only on the first week of opening, and won’t be avaliable anymore – ever. Also, a lucky chair with two exclusive versions of the Bem Querer and Saudade dresses, two of my favorite past releases. So, don’t forget to stop by for a moment:) See you there!” Opening at Midnight Sunday.

Also Tuli has posted her own notes with different stuff.


My new shoes

September 13, 2007 § 1 Comment

My beloved Boing Fromage ballet flats.

My new running around shoes. And it never occurred to me until I looked down one day while I was at work.


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I finally made it out to Immortelle for the latest release, Sophie.

The embroidery on the bodice and the cuffs is very delicately done. One nit-pick, the jacket layer is only the extension so I’m wearing the shirt and jacket for the full top and an undershirt for the modesty coverage. A full top on the jacket layer would have been nice to give me more options in my layering choices but I’m still enjoying the outfit immensely.

This fun skirt from Boing Fromage showed up at exactly the right time to go with the Mimosa top, also from Immortelle. The top has more of that delicate detailing while the skirt’s a-line shape is just made for dancing.

The jewelry in both pictures is the new color-change sets from ~Aries Celestial Designs~.


July 9, 2007 § 2 Comments

Yes, it’s time for one of my “Where did all this stuff come from?” roundups. Sorry, fetching and carrying for Tanya is a full-time job these days ;-).

The top is the long t-shirt in pink by Wrong. There are a thousand different t-shirts but I fell in love with the folds and shading on this one. The necklace I’m wearing is the pink pearl drop from Second Mirage. It’s very nice and if you zoom in close you can make out the tiny gold links. The other necklace is the Fiona silver dragon also from Second Mirage. Also well done but a one-prim pendant. I don’t like one prim jewelry in general, but this one does look nice. The bangle is one of the new releases from Earthtones. I was so disappointed that the actual tree didn’t have the items hanging from it like the ad ;-).

The shoes are elka Lehane’s incredible new MaryJane flats at Boing Fromage. Wonderful texturing, particularly the thread-work in the leather and the soles. (Forgot to get a pic of those, darn.) The trim, main, metal parts, and soles can all be color changed through a touch script.

I need Hair help! Hair Fair is coming!

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I need hair help! It’s up in curlers. Good thing Hair Fair is only a few weeks away. It will be April 6, 10 AM SLT through April 14, 11:59 PM SLT.

This lovely Bad Hair is Curlers from ShyOne Lehane of Bishwear. Top is the Polkadheart Swing Jacket by boing frommage.

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