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September 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

A lot of challenges go around the Second Life fashion scene but I don’t remember any interesting me like this one. The premise is that you put together a photo showing how you’ve changed your avatar since you started. I used to have a folder with screenshots since I started that showed a huge evolution but it’s gone missing. So instead is the photo from the first blog post Tanya made for me in 2007 (when everyone thought I was her alt <g>).

There’s one a year up to tonight. When I was going through past blog posts, I was often struck with “This outfit is *that* old?”

I’m pretty sure I still have everything in these photos.








For tonight we have Whippet & Buck’s boatneck, which may be my favorite piece of clothing ever. The pants are mesh wide-leg by Jane. I’m interested in the possibilities of mesh but the difficulties of fitting it to the av shape make me hesitant. This is the only mesh piece I’ve bought so far. Skin is one of the more recent Curio releases and the shoes are, as always, Shiny Things. It’s very representative of me today.






I’m 4!

May 15, 2010 § 3 Comments

It’s my rezday so I’ll show you what I’m wearing.

This outfit started with the leggings that were one of the freebies from TuttiFrutti for the Deck’s birthday. The shirt was this month’s group gift from Mischief. The hair is an ETD classic. The skin is old Chai (Launa Fauna). The jacket is from Luminosity, which has been dead for a while, Refuge made the belt and the shoes are Lassitude & Ennui.

Just so you know I’m still me <g>. I go this dress from the PixelDolls reseller in Liome.

My second favorite part of the new viewer is how it treats premade Outfits. Originally, you’d save an outfit and it would physically move the items into the outfit folder. Which was a pain with no copy stuff like shoes. I never used it because I wouldn’t be able to find anything. Now it just does a sym-link so you can save the outfit without loosing the item.


April 2, 2009 § 1 Comment


And a new skirt release from artilleri. I’ve developed a mania for system pencil skirts. Boots are from ETD and yes, another bag from Bare Rose. I kinda went on a shopping spree.


Mulled Cider

October 29, 2008 § 2 Comments

Previews are the best thing about being a fashion blogger. This outfit called Prudence is forthcoming from Mischief. The t-shirt is from iki, me being me. But it’s a nice casual outfit for fall. The boots are new from ETD and the skin is Smudged from Fleur.

More new fun

October 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

MichaMi: made the outfit, which also comes with a white top. Shoes from Truth. Love the design and the the roses are color-change. The bangles were a contest prize from Eolande but I would have paid for them. But then again,I love the color blue. The necklaces and earrings are from Luc, Lucas Lameth’s new brand. They look like Austrian crystal and the necklaces are separate so that you can wear it three ways. Another new hair from ETD and sexy new skin from Fleur round it off.

It Lives!

October 18, 2008 § Leave a comment

School is abolutely nuts this quarter so I might manage to make a few minutes for shopping but not enough for blogging. I should be working on homework even now but oh well.

We are just overwhelmed with newness from favorite designers recently. Here we have new hair from ETD, gorgeous crop sweater from Truth, an adorable belly ring from Earthstones and fabulous new skin from Fleur. As always the makeup is incredible. The features are a more photo-realistic than previous releases. The eyebrows are still color-change. The earrings are a brand call Ruffian, where interestingly enough, everything is 1L. All the pieces in this set are oversized, good for individual statement pieces when you don’t want to wear a lot of jewelry.

Digging into the old stuff

July 4, 2008 § Leave a comment

Mostly here I’m digging into the black corners of my inventory to try to get the creative juices flowing again. The skin is an Another Skin that I just modded to have my tatts ON the skin cause I love having them on the skin and not the underpants layers.

Photo credits: Poses – Reel Expression – Fashion S2; Skin – Another skin -(Le) envy; Hair – ETD – Kathryn – Chestnut; Outfit – Luminosity – worn jeans black belt; Blaze – small tie top Safari Festive; Dazzle – Assassin Bra; Shoes – Tesla – Athena – panda; Accessories – Second Mirage – Blossoms earrings; Muse Tank Watch black

Zemanta Pixie

More Catchup

March 26, 2008 § Leave a comment


Outfit from Nyte N’ Day (Veat), Hair is Bryce Superstar, A Relay for Life version is also available. Earrings are {Junk} Full Moon, Purse is ETD City Purse, Shoes are Shiny Things Francoise Flats – blueswirl. The swirley versions are all Relay for Life.


Skin is Fleur Marni, shirt is April Top from Digit Darkes, bag is ETD Everyday tote, shoes are Shiny Things Brocattos.


Taking a Breather

March 25, 2008 § Leave a comment

A migraine for a week and a stomach bug do not a conductive¬† blogging environment make. But I’m better and busy getting ready for a RL move. Still I have tons of stuff to blog so here’s a double post.


Hair is 1L Lovey from ETD, top is *Thimbles* Awe Heck Butternut, Skin is Chai, Cassandra, Shoes are Enkythings Nana.


Top is ~*LaLa Belted Tunic – Aquamarine, shoes are TESLA – ‘Elise2’ Mary Jane Heels (FREE), Pants are Ki Squared Black Wide Leg Jeans, skin is a Canimal Essence, hair is ETD Davina II.


And now for something comepletely different

March 12, 2008 § 2 Comments


Hair-Celestial Studios, Skin-Fleur, Top- Curious Kitties, Jeans-Hex , Belt- Shiny Things, Tattoo- Pushbutton Industries, Boots- Lassitude & Ennui, Jewelry- Bitter Thorns


Hair- ETD, Skin- Fleur, Striped t- Hex, Jeans- Civvies, Shirt- Ace’d, Glasses- Primoptic, Boots- Shiny Things, Earrings, Nose ring and Bracelet – Bitter Thorns, Ring- Aries Celestial Designs


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