RFL 2007 – Part 15

June 23, 2007 § 1 Comment

Only available from June 21 to June 27, this limited edition from First Impressions is called Birdy (see the cute little birdys on the hemline). When Pukk sent me the press release I knew I had to have this one. I paired it with my Brown & Cream purse from ETD (the one with the Reel Movement poses from Luth Brodie), jewelry from Mercury (opening next week) and the brown Tuxedo pumps from Shiny Things.
Photo Credits: Skin – artilleri – lily sunkiss – angel; Hair – Fetish – Sexy Curls – Mahogany; Jewelry – Mercury’s Silver & Pearl (not released yet); Dress – First Impressions – Birdy; Purse – ETD – Casual Purse (w/ Reel Movement poses) – Brown & Cream; Shoes – Shiny Things – Tuxedo pumps – brown

Review copy: No, but I did get a press release
Friend or Update Group: No
Permissions: No transfer
Price: L$100
Location: First Impressions

I finally got an animation override t…

March 28, 2007 § Leave a comment

I finally got an animation override to work nicely in a way I like. I’ve tried various types of AO’s but I’d either take it off when adding/changing prims or it would start annoying me and there was no way I could figure out how to add poses/animations to the AO. Well at Reel Movement I found the Zhao (short for Ziggy’s HUD Animation Overrider) for free (Or was it L$1? I honestly don’t remember). Then I loaded it with all my poses that I liked. Just by dragging the pose into the object when you’ve got the edit window open. Then you edit the note card. The note card took me a little while to understand. You have lines not to touch (those with something already there) and then you just type the exact name of the pose/animation you want played below the type it is. For example:

:: [ Standing 1 ] ::
*luth* classy 1
:: [ Standing 2 ] ::
*luth* classy 2

Another nice thing is the fact I can add different note cards and not have to change my AO. For example, I can have a note card “Fashionista” set up for when I’m formally dressed and a note card “PUNK” for when I’m goofing off around the grid. All I have to do is click the load button and it pops up with all the note cards I have in the HUD listed. I just click on the one I want and it loads. So go mix & match your own. And if you know of any good fly/landings let me know where to find them.

New Styles from Fetish

March 28, 2007 § 3 Comments

Okay, as you may have figured out I LOVE the brown textures & prims from Fetish Hair. There isn’t an extensive selection like you’d find at ETD or GuRL 6, but what there is very well done. So when Amelia told me that there had been a new release I had to go check it out ASAP.

Dress – PixelDolls – Aire – Jade; Hair on Left – Fetish – Vixen II – Brown; Hair on Right – Fetish – Sexy Curls – Mahogany; Jewerly – RFL Racket Jewelry set; Eyes – Celestial Studios – Deep Ink; Skin- TaP – Rose Medium – Janvier Slate

And the one Amelia bought.

Fetish- Pixie- Golden Blond

Suit – First Impressions – Pale Pink …

March 27, 2007 § Leave a comment

I notice Amelia posted her suit from First Impressions. I hadn’t finished with the description yet so here’s the Pale Pink version for your perusal.

Suit – First Impressions – Pale Pink RFL Business Ensemble; Hair – Fetish – Vixen II – Brown; Eyes – Celestial Studios – Deep Ink; Skin – Celestial Studios – Charmed Tone 20 – RFL Pink 2; Shoes – Dawnshoe Black/Silver 1L$

New from Skin Within – Maya

March 19, 2007 § Leave a comment

Hey guys. I know you’ve seen me talk about/wear the Skin Within line on my blog. When I was online Ayesha Bisiani IM’ed me that her next skin line was almost ready. It will be out tomorrow. It’s called Maya and I’m wearing the Sparkle makeup at the moment. It’s a skin that you adjust the sliders to customize the light/darkness and undertone of the skin. And you can change it. Although you can not see it in the photos the elbows are even detailed. The brows come in an arched and an unarched choice. There are like 24 color combinations that will be available. And I told her about Fetish hair. I think Fetish hair is one of SL’s quiet treasures.

Eyes – Mistress Midnight – deep brown; Hair – Fetish Princess – Mahogany; Skin – Skin Within – Maya Dark Tan – Sparkle; Jewelry – boing fromage – Cameo & Sautoir set; Dress – Dazzle – Attention

I’ve kept my eye out for this designe…

March 19, 2007 § Leave a comment

I’ve kept my eye out for this designer for a while. Nothing that I absolutely had to go see, but I finally went to see this outfit that she announced on Fashion Consolidated. I took Spanish in high school with a Mexican instructor. I fell in love with the Mexican culture.

Hair – Fetish – Casandra – Mahogany; Manicure – TaP – Ballet Nails; Skin – TaP – Havana Life; Shoes – Ingrid Ingersoll – Sabot – Black; Outfit – Ivalde – raja

Sometimes even I

March 18, 2007 § 1 Comment

Sometimes even I get tired of prep. I can’t really do punk because I can’t stand plaid (12 years of catholic school) so this is my best try.
It all started with the t-shirt at Mischief. The skull with the pink bow tickled my sense of humor. I had already bought the underpants jeans months ago and the leather jacket and tatoo from Canimal. I’d been looking for an excuse to buy the Klunk boots from Form. The belly chain is from Neptune’s Kiss, the crystal choker is from DarkSky Designs. Because the lipstick matches the bow so well, the skin is Sin Skins Obsidian Plum. Can I just say color-change eyebrows in skins is the best thing ever. Hair is fetish Lolita. I love the balance between realistic and shiny in her textures and her Golden Blond is my favorite color.

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