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I was recommend this Savvy? dress by Amelia. Specifically this dress. Amelia had bought it (cause let’s face it Savvy has been more her style than mine). She looked at it and thought of me. But unfortunately it is no transfer so I had to go buy my own copy. This is soooo me. Cute little summer dress. And it’s the first thing I’ve purchased from Savvy?.
Photo Credits: Dress – Savvy? – Antique Seagull; Skin – Tuli – light – chic sultry; Necklace – Miriel – Find Your Way – Black/Blue; Hair – Hairapy – Jayden – Chestnut; Shoes – Shiny Thngs – Tuxedo Pumps – White

Review Copy: No
Friend List or Update group: No
Price: L$150/single
Permissions: No Transfer
Location: Savvy? @ Fashion Victim, Savvy? @ Earthtones
Blog: Kota’s Knickers



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I was feeling bored the other day so I went flipping through the Fashion Notebook I “jot” stuff down in. It’s sort of a web clipping with comments I make to myself and links back to the original post. I ran across the post I had marked when Hairapy released Barbie. So I went out for a little “Hairapy.”  As you may know I am VERY picky about my dark brown textures. While Laydi has a chocolate and a chestnut that works okay, this just doesn’t hit me as the the perfect dark browns (chocolate was too streaked, chestnut wasn’t quite dark enough for MY brown). But I did purchase 2 styles and she even tempted me into a blond shade which I almost never do. (What spell did you cast over your store Laydi?) The two on the left and center are both Barbie, Chestnut & Beach Blonde colors respectively. The one on the right is Heather in chestnut which comes with 2 different bang styles to pick from and a cute little headband built right in.
Snapshot_052 copy

Review Copy No
Friend or Update Group No
Price Barbie L$149 per color; Heather L$149 per color; Store Cards available which can be up to 20% discounted
Permissions No Transfer (but she does offer Store Cards which are transferable)
Location & Blog Hairapy @ Angel Haven; Hairapy blog
Photo Credits Skin – Celestial Studios Deviant Nation – Champagne – Ether (discontinued); Sunglasses – House of London – Tac; Tshirt – Veschi – Woman tshirts; Jeans – Luminosity – worn jeans with black belt; Bracelet – PWND & SL Stats watch


I just wanted to give everyone a quic…

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I just wanted to give everyone a quick preview of what you will see tonight at the Second Convention Fashion Show from bossa nova. Morie caught me last night when I had 5 minutes before having to go to the RL job. I promised her I’d do this this morning before I went to sleep. So here they are. These are never before seen dresses that will be released tonight!

Snapshot_010 copy
saudade in blue, without the included bolero jacket [because I forgot and I need to go to bed], has a cute little underskirt that is visible when you turn.

bem querer dress in red has a netted underskirt that is seen when you turn.

Photo credits: Tuli light skin – chic red; Hairapy – Kelly – chestnut; Miriel – Tree of Life Silver; Shiny Things – Tstrap revised – white
This is what Morie said about her new releases.

This week, on the 12th, we celebrated “dia dos namorados”, the Brazilian valentines day. That was my inspiration for this release, the bem querer (“wishing well” in Portuguese) and saudade (a word very hard to translate – it’s that bittersweet feeling you have when you miss a loved one).
The saudade dress comes in pink, beige, brown, olive and a lilac RFL edition (…will be available asap at my main store). It comes with a cream colored lace underskirt and bolero jacket, and a vintage mother of pearl brooch on the chest.
The bem querer dress comes in black, white, blue, orange, and a pink RFL edition …, printed with a tiny flower patter (no, it’s not polka-dots ๐Ÿ˜‰ . It has a contrasting tulle underskirt and a matching corsage on the chest (tint-able and resizeable).
Both will be released at the second convention fashion show, tomorrow the 16th, 3:00 pm SLT
And look, i finally got myself a blog ๐Ÿ˜€

Review copy.

ะœะตะดัะตัั‚ั€ะฐ (Nurse)

June 12, 2007 § 1 Comment

This post started as inspiration from the Medical Field Service Belt Amelia found on SLB. I went a little Russian influenced with the Woman Tshirts from Veschi. Hence I used the Russian word for Nurse as the post title. I also didn’t have any combat boots (which I’ll probably get yelled at by Amelia over the Kool Kicks). ๐Ÿ˜€ This photo is an honor and a tribute to the nurses of the Armed Forces who serve. A few months ago, I watched CNN Presents: Wounded Warriors. One of the people who stuck in my mind was a nurses who was just on for a few seconds and I don’t think she even spoke. She was an ICU nurse in the Baghdad Combat Support Hospital. She was wearing a brown Tshirt and desert camo pants and some sort of webbed shoulder harness. Probably because I am an ICU nurse I felt an instant kinship and empathy. I’ve taken care of 18 year old head trauma patients before. And while I didn’t have the whole platoon to take care of emotionally, I did have both sets of grandparents, the parents and the fiance. I’ve spoken to Red Cross‘s Armed Forces Emergency Services several times trying to get guys back home for a sick parent/grandparent. So here’s to them. Miles away from friends and family, patching up our boys day in and day out. (BTW The Jewelry Expo‘s charity is the Red Cross. You’ll be able to support them via the auction & donation kiosks at the event.)

Review Copy No
Friend or Update Group No
Price Belt L$200
Permissions No Transfer
Location & Blog MoJovisions; SLB
Photo credits Skin – Deviant Nation Champagne – Ether/Nothing; Shoes – KK Outfitters – Kool Kicks  – Black; Right wristband – Miau Haus – “Fight for Life”; Sunglasses – Last Call – Black Fashionista (with the Kerry Outfit); Tshirt – Veschi – Woman; Hair – Hairapy – Barbie – Chestnut Brown; Belt – Medical Field Service Belt; Pant – Luminosity – Camo pants


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