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I was feeling bored the other day so I went flipping through the Fashion Notebook I “jot” stuff down in. It’s sort of a web clipping with comments I make to myself and links back to the original post. I ran across the post I had marked when Hairapy released Barbie. So I went out for a little “Hairapy.”  As you may know I am VERY picky about my dark brown textures. While Laydi has a chocolate and a chestnut that works okay, this just doesn’t hit me as the the perfect dark browns (chocolate was too streaked, chestnut wasn’t quite dark enough for MY brown). But I did purchase 2 styles and she even tempted me into a blond shade which I almost never do. (What spell did you cast over your store Laydi?) The two on the left and center are both Barbie, Chestnut & Beach Blonde colors respectively. The one on the right is Heather in chestnut which comes with 2 different bang styles to pick from and a cute little headband built right in.
Snapshot_052 copy

Review Copy No
Friend or Update Group No
Price Barbie L$149 per color; Heather L$149 per color; Store Cards available which can be up to 20% discounted
Permissions No Transfer (but she does offer Store Cards which are transferable)
Location & Blog Hairapy @ Angel Haven; Hairapy blog
Photo Credits Skin – Celestial Studios Deviant Nation – Champagne – Ether (discontinued); Sunglasses – House of London – Tac; Tshirt – Veschi – Woman tshirts; Jeans – Luminosity – worn jeans with black belt; Bracelet – PWND & SL Stats watch


House of London

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Fenigan London dropped a review pack of glasses on me from House of London. Fenigan specializes in prim eyewear. My absolutely favorite is the magnificent Tac style of sunglasses. These are scripted so you can have different lenses and frames so it’s like having the fatpack without changing your glasses. The set attach point is your nose. If your prim lashes attach to your nose then you’ll have to attach it to a different point and adjust them, but they are copyable so just make a copy before you begin in case of mistakes.

Caine in shaded lenses and black frames. Reminds me of CSI: Miami‘s Horatio Caine
Bella in clear lenses and green frames
Cappa in red lenses and steel frames
Cassia in blue lenses and blue frames
Eilia sunglasses in white frames with copper details
Grant sunglasses in pink frames with bright details
Keniso in yellow lenses and copper frames
Longband sunglassses in red lenses and red frames. These reminded me of Geordi La Forge’s VISOR from Star Trek: TNG
Shortband sunglasses in yellow lenses and yellow frames
Tauno in clear lenses and steel frames
Zogue in shaded lenses and black frames

Review Copy Yes
Friend or Update Group No
Price Grant L$149; Eilia L$149; Caine L$149; Bella L$149; Zogue L$149; Tauno L$149; Longband L$119; Shortband L$119; Keniso L$149; Cassia L$149; Cappa L$149; Tac L$149
Permissions No Trans
Location & Blog Main store; Meta Mart; SLX; SLB
Photo Credits Skin – Celestial Studios – Deviant Nation Champagne – Ether/Nothing; Tshirt – First Impressions – Fashion Plate – lavender; Jewelry – Miriel – Bauble – Gold


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