Beachy and Biker Boho?

July 17, 2007 § 2 Comments

I kept meaning to go to Sand Shack Surf Co. but didn’t manage it till last week.

I think everybody has been bowled over by this top. The stripes are pretty enough but the swirly print at the shoulder is just that perfect finishing touch.

Don’t ask me where the term biker boho came from. Looking at this outfit, I just feel ready to jump on a motorcycle or lounge around doing macrame. Vest/top from Indie’s House of Pain I’m kinda scared to ask where that name came from. Jeans are from Wrong. I went for the new ones, decided the holes right under my ass weren’t me and spotted these instead. The jewelry (except earrings) is the Truth set from Amelia Abernathy (EMJ). Everyone has been showing them off but no one has zoomed in to show the incredible delicate texturing. Since I’m on a roll, the earrings are from Earthtones, who woulda thunk it? 😉 They come in the women’s freebie bag and look great with all the boho stuff and biker stuff.


New PixelDolls and Miriel and a SALE

May 10, 2007 § 2 Comments

Tired puns ftw!

New PixelDolls! This is the Lucie dress in Ivory. As Jaydei pointed out, the skirt is one prim which makes for an interesting shape and easier fitting.

The jewelry is the exquisite new Moon and Tide from Miriel. It comes in gold, silver, copper and black and a range of Mother of Pearl shades.

I saw the Amoureaux dress in cocoa and realized what a tragedy it was not to have a sexy little brown dress. I’m not fond of fishnets in either life but somehow they seem to strike the right balance here. I feel like I’m going tangoing where the natives go.

This release also has cute summer tops in this year’s lovely prints. The button tank in dragonfly is perfect for lounging by the lake.

And the Twist T (Daffodil) I’m pretty sure goes with anything. At least it went with everything I tried it with. I finally settled with this skirt from Luminosity. My hair in these pics came from Haute Monde Salon. It’s 3 colors/pack for $150L unfortunately, there’s no colors demos. The darker shade in a couple of pics is Golden Blond which I quickly found was too brassy. The lighter is blonde 2. The prim work is good and the textures are ok. They are a little shiny and could use a little more depth but I am really picky about hair textures. Unfortunately, no short styles so I won’t be back at least until the next release.

And finally, the sale.

Indie Rainbow is taking a break. *pout* Indie is setting everything to 50% off in the meantime. Yay! Skins, clothes, accessories, I’ve mentioned the amazing color-change purses right?

I made the mistake (?) of going back to

March 18, 2007 § 1 Comment

I made the mistake(?) of going back to Pixel Dolls right after my last post. Neph just needs to create a whole store pack. This is the Wrap Dress. Normally I don’t care for mesh skirts but this one is done so well it doesn’t matter. One thing about this current set of releases is the amount of prints created for it. I don’t own a lot of prints in Second Life but there are several I like I’m just waiting for the impulse to buy.

The other thing I’m shocked no one has blogged yet is the Indie Rainbow Kimberly purse. It was hidden in with the multitudes of other updates that were released recently but my bagaholic eyes caught it immediately. The shape is cute and when you zoom in you can see the amazingly detailed texture. The most incredible part is that it’s color-change! Touch-controlled, 4 pages of colors to match pretty much any outfit. You can see how well the pinks match in my picture.

I’m also wearing the Relay for Life wristbands by Posy Trudeau. “In Memory of Life” for my mom, “Fight for Life” for my dad and grandmother, and “Celebrate Survivors” for my other grandmother. They’re beautifully done, I just need a third arm.

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