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A lot of challenges go around the Second Life fashion scene but I don’t remember any interesting me like this one. The premise is that you put together a photo showing how you’ve changed your avatar since you started. I used to have a folder with screenshots since I started that showed a huge evolution but it’s gone missing. So instead is the photo from the first blog post Tanya made for me in 2007 (when everyone thought I was her alt <g>).

There’s one a year up to tonight. When I was going through past blog posts, I was often struck with “This outfit is *that* old?”

I’m pretty sure I still have everything in these photos.








For tonight we have Whippet & Buck’s boatneck, which may be my favorite piece of clothing ever. The pants are mesh wide-leg by Jane. I’m interested in the possibilities of mesh but the difficulties of fitting it to the av shape make me hesitant. This is the only mesh piece I’ve bought so far. Skin is one of the more recent Curio releases and the shoes are, as always, Shiny Things. It’s very representative of me today.






I’m 4!

May 15, 2010 § 3 Comments

It’s my rezday so I’ll show you what I’m wearing.

This outfit started with the leggings that were one of the freebies from TuttiFrutti for the Deck’s birthday. The shirt was this month’s group gift from Mischief. The hair is an ETD classic. The skin is old Chai (Launa Fauna). The jacket is from Luminosity, which has been dead for a while, Refuge made the belt and the shoes are Lassitude & Ennui.

Just so you know I’m still me <g>. I go this dress from the PixelDolls reseller in Liome.

My second favorite part of the new viewer is how it treats premade Outfits. Originally, you’d save an outfit and it would physically move the items into the outfit folder. Which was a pain with no copy stuff like shoes. I never used it because I wouldn’t be able to find anything. Now it just does a sym-link so you can save the outfit without loosing the item.

And now for something comepletely different

March 12, 2008 § 2 Comments


Hair-Celestial Studios, Skin-Fleur, Top- Curious Kitties, Jeans-Hex , Belt- Shiny Things, Tattoo- Pushbutton Industries, Boots- Lassitude & Ennui, Jewelry- Bitter Thorns


Hair- ETD, Skin- Fleur, Striped t- Hex, Jeans- Civvies, Shirt- Ace’d, Glasses- Primoptic, Boots- Shiny Things, Earrings, Nose ring and Bracelet – Bitter Thorns, Ring- Aries Celestial Designs


ETD and First Impressions

October 8, 2007 § 7 Comments

I don’t know if it’s me or the designers but I went nuts last week. Sooo many pretties to blog that today I’m doubling up. Hopefully you won’t mind.


We have new hair and a new top from ETD, shown here with and without an undershirt. Also the incredible new set from Lassitude & Ennui.


Next is the Pleated Skirt from First Impressions. Normally something my grandmother wears is not a compliment but these look fantastic. I’ve dressed it up to show off the Dauphine Necklace and Earrings in Silver/Jet which was available for a limited time only as a Muse group gift.



September 7, 2007 § 5 Comments

Tete a Pied’s September outfit really shows off the texturing they’re known for. The creases on the prim sleeves are soft and the skirt is wavy. The skirt can be worn with other tops. The skins are all amazing. Even the one I didn’t think I wanted at first sight turned out to be a must have when demoed. The jewelry is Miriel’s new star set, another in her everyday line. And the shoes. Lassitude & Ennui’s new flats. Don’t they look amazing? Sculpty shoes can have a problem fitting close to the foot but these look great.


First Impressions

July 4, 2007 § 2 Comments

I spent most of yesterday at a the doctor’s office. Forgive me, but I’m tired. What am I doing while I blog? I’m probably just sitting around the loft lounging around. I find that this way I have quick access to look something up in my inventory if I need to. And I probably have like 5 tabs open in my browser window. Anyway this outfit is something that’s been sitting in my inventory a while. Just been saving it for a day I felt like it. Many pieces to this set. Also comes with a skirt option as well. So go get it. Mix and match the set or pair it with other pieces from other sets.

The skin is one I picked up at the miw sale. I went on such a skin binge a few days ago. Between miw and karamia I really racked up the charges on my Linden balance. Go check out both of them and get the demos!!!!

Skin – miw – Level 1 medium – goldenrod; Hair – 0 Style – cocolo – Brown; Shoes – Lassittude & Ennui – low heeled sandals – taupe; Outfit – First Impressions – Inspiration

Review Copy: No
Friend or Update Group: No
Price: you know, I forgot
Permissions: prims No Transfer, clothing No Modify, No Transfer

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Fun Newness

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Fun Newness

Yet another Relay for Life set from First Impressions. I’m beginning to wonder if Pukk Abel has a story of her own about cancer. Anyway, I’m wearing the Awareness Ribbon shirt in Periwinkle (Pancreatic Cancer) with the LuLu cuffed capris in Indigo from Celestial Cities and the freebie signature sandals from Lassitude and Ennui. I love the rucheing on the top, it’s a nice classic touch.

Next is Rivoli by Last Call. It’s semi-professional, it has a corset, I’m one of Pavlov (Ginny)’s dogs. You’ll notice I’m not wearing the adorable prim lace puffs. Just not me. The flowers aren’t really either but I couldn’t resist. They’re a freebie from Drifting Sands, fabulous jewelry also available.

This amazing pearl set I found at the clothing fair of all places. The fair is over but hopefully they’ll be at Raven’s Creations & the upcoming jewelry fair. It honestly looks more like Tanya than me but I found them first *mwahahaha*.

I had to do it. When I first saw Rivoli. I wondered where the pants were. The top just looks perfect with them. These are cords from ETD but a pair from several of Last Call’s releases would work beautifully. Again, the top comes on the jacket layer, great for us modest girls to stick stuff underneath. I wound up with Lovelace’s Victoria Bra in pink paired with the Vamp Ketra heels in rose also from Last Call. Me likey Lyra’s shoes. I went nuts at the BOGO sale.

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