August 21, 2007 § 2 Comments

This dress was one of my “look at more closely items” when I saw it had been released, but luckily Kit dropped the whole pack on me to review. The skin is one of the new Tete a Pied skins. And I absolutely loved these shoes from Maitreya. They only need more of a solid color selection. 😀
Photo credits: Skin – Tete a Pied – Vivant Buff – Biba 1; Hair – Naughty – Crave – Sable; Dress – CKS Designs – Grace – Apple; Jewelry – Second Mirage — Adrienne – Topaz & Peridot; Shoes – Maitreya – Enchant Black

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July 1, 2007 § 1 Comment

Calanthe Designed by Alienbear for her mom’s wedding. And Diantha was designed for her mom’s bridesmaid.
Photo credits: Skin – artilleri – lily sunkiss – angel; Hair – Naughty – Drama – Sable; Jewelry – Alienbear – Princess Diantha; Dress – PixelDolls – Lucie – Red

I love the long dangle feature in the back. I paired it here with the free Trench coat from First Impressions.
Snapshot_049 copy
Photo credits: Skin – artilleri -lily sunkiss – marielle; Hair – Naughty – Drama – Sable; Jewelry – Alienbear – Princess Calanthe; Coat – First Impressions – Pleated Trench Coat

Review Copy: no, gift from a friend
Friend or Update Group: no
Price: Calanthe L$350, Diantha L$280
Permissions: No copy, No Mod (script only, can resize)
Shop: Alienbear Castle


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June 30, 2007 § 2 Comments

I went on a shopping spree in Amaretto yesterday before Amelia & I drove to the Apple Store. I’ve had these in my notebook since Lux released them. I logged on this morning to find that she’s in the ETD little store for the month of July!!!!!

First up we have Celeste. Now SL fubared the purchase for me (I got a box, which wouldn’t rez anywhere, then when I logged out and logged back in it was gone from my inventory). I sent Lux an IM with the transaction # of the purchase and she replaced it right off. I’m really glad I’m not designing anymore with how SL is messing up people’s purchases recently. But Yay! for our designers who provide excellent customer service.

Photo Credits: Skin – artilleri – lily sunkiss – soft; Hair – Impulse by Naughty – Crave – sable; Jewelry – Cailyn’s – Wedding Belles Serenity; Dress – Amaretto – Celeste

Next up is the Persephone II. This is an update/upgrade from the freebie Persephone I that she has in her shop. (Hint, Hint: go get the first one while you are there.)

Photo Credits: Skin – artilleri – lily sunkiss – soft; Hair – Impulse by Naughty – Crave – sable; Jewelry – Cailyn’s – Wedding Belles Serenity; Dress – Amaretto – Persephone II; Shoes – Shiny Things – Tstrap revised – white

Next up is the Ingrid dress. Very detailed neckline & keyhole.

Photo Credits: Skin – artilleri – lily sunkiss – soft; Hair – Impulse by Naughty – Crave – sable; Jewelry – Earthtones – Boho Triple Layer Wood Beads; Dress – Amaretto – Ingrid; Shoes – Shiny Things – Tstrap revised – white

I did notice one problem with my avatar of the seams not even seeming to line up on the shoulder on the Ingrid dress. The rest of the dresses were right for me in the shoulder seams. Update: Lux has fixed this issue. Seams now meet.


Review copy: No
Friends or Update Group: Friend
Price: L$200 each
Permissions: No Transfer
Store: Amaretto
Blog: Amaretto


Nurses Make Horrible Patients

June 29, 2007 § Leave a comment

While I didn’t need a CPR animation, I did try to find a cast and crutches. No luck so far. This jewelry set (necklace & earrings) is something that I received as a review copy prior to the incident with the horse, but have been slow about getting to or anything else. Shown here in pale gold has color change stones. This is part of the Miriel Everyday line. Which mean’s it’s VERY reasonably priced. L$30 for one color metal, L$80 for all 4 metals. And the scripting allows you to change between 13 different stones.
The hairstyle I’m wearing is the Drama from Impulse by Naughty. It’s a combination of prim styles including the sculpties. Very Nice after it Rezes.
Snapshot_042 copy
Photo credits: Skin – Tuli – light – organic; Hair – Impulse by Naughty – Drama – Sable; Top & Skirt – Dazzle – Sophie (retired); Jewelry – Miriel – Cross Your Heart – Pale Gold

Review copy: Yes
Friends or Update Group: Update Group
Permissions: Your choice pick either Copy or Transfer
Location: Miriel
Blog: Miriel

P.S. Don’t forget about the Yard Sale and the last chance to buy some retired stuff.

Good Morning, Angels

April 2, 2007 § Leave a comment

Once upon a time there were three very different little girls who grew up to be three very different women with three things in common: they’re brilliant, they’re beautiful, and they work for me. My name is Charlie……….. This dress is another find from Fashion Consolidated. It’s in a shop called Symmetry.

Hair – Naughty – Winsome I – Sable; Shoes – Last Call – Niamh – Midnight; Dress – Symmetry – Brandi – Red; Eyes – Miriel – Basic Brown; Skin – Sin Skins – Stratus – Freckled Valentine Kitten

Hair woes

March 9, 2007 § 2 Comments

Well in the middle of my Hair Texture woes, I’ve found a place that I decided I like their textures. Why have I rarely visited Naughty? I can’t really tell you. Lost has a sable texture I’m falling in love with. (But my L$ balance is not following the love, more like crying in pain.)

Hair – Naughty Designs – Winsome I – Sable; Skin – Nomine – 15 Fawn 11; Outfit, Sunglasses & Jewelry – Kerry w/ jacket & cami in Heathery

Skin – Sin Skins – Silver Glow – Stratus Silver; Eyes – Miriel – Basic Brown; Hair – Naughty – Angel V – Sable; Outfit – Tart – Greecian Athena – green; Wristcuffs – Miau Haus – Fight for Life

Skin – Silver Noir – Stratus; Hair – Naughty Designs – Impulse – Sable; Coat & Hat – Shenlei – Ranch Mink – Brown

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