Медсестра (Nurse)

June 12, 2007 § 1 Comment

This post started as inspiration from the Medical Field Service Belt Amelia found on SLB. I went a little Russian influenced with the Woman Tshirts from Veschi. Hence I used the Russian word for Nurse as the post title. I also didn’t have any combat boots (which I’ll probably get yelled at by Amelia over the Kool Kicks). 😀 This photo is an honor and a tribute to the nurses of the Armed Forces who serve. A few months ago, I watched CNN Presents: Wounded Warriors. One of the people who stuck in my mind was a nurses who was just on for a few seconds and I don’t think she even spoke. She was an ICU nurse in the Baghdad Combat Support Hospital. She was wearing a brown Tshirt and desert camo pants and some sort of webbed shoulder harness. Probably because I am an ICU nurse I felt an instant kinship and empathy. I’ve taken care of 18 year old head trauma patients before. And while I didn’t have the whole platoon to take care of emotionally, I did have both sets of grandparents, the parents and the fiance. I’ve spoken to Red Cross‘s Armed Forces Emergency Services several times trying to get guys back home for a sick parent/grandparent. So here’s to them. Miles away from friends and family, patching up our boys day in and day out. (BTW The Jewelry Expo‘s charity is the Red Cross. You’ll be able to support them via the auction & donation kiosks at the event.)

Review Copy No
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Price Belt L$200
Permissions No Transfer
Location & Blog MoJovisions; SLB
Photo credits Skin – Deviant Nation Champagne – Ether/Nothing; Shoes – KK Outfitters – Kool Kicks  – Black; Right wristband – Miau Haus – “Fight for Life”; Sunglasses – Last Call – Black Fashionista (with the Kerry Outfit); Tshirt – Veschi – Woman; Hair – Hairapy – Barbie – Chestnut Brown; Belt – Medical Field Service Belt; Pant – Luminosity – Camo pants


Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl.

March 22, 2007 § 2 Comments

Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl….. The Copacabana line of Bossa Nova has a L$1 dress available in store now. Go check it out.

Eyes – Miriel – Basic Brown; Hair – ETD Goddess II – Chestnut; Skin – PanJen Hope – tone 3; Dress – bossa nova – mariana copacabana; Wristband – Miau Haus – SLRFL; Shoes – Kimberly Casanova – Bettys


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Sol is a friend of mine. I really enjoy the stuff she does. But unfortunately she has been battling tendonitis of the wrists lately and it has been hampering her ability to create clothing. So when I saw Lisbon come across on my feed reader I had to go see it. And I ended up buying 3 of the 4 colors.

Eyes – Miriel – Basic Brown; Hair – ETD – Goddess II – Chestnut; Skin – Lila Natural Skins – Pink; Wristbands – Miau Haus – SLRFL; Shoes – Kimberly Casanova – Bettys; Outfit – Luminosity – Lisbon – gold, silver & blue

Punk Followup

March 21, 2007 § Leave a comment

Found the black jacket. It’s from Brutal Gear and was dropped on my by Nex. I own the RFL one in brown. I guess I was having a nutty moment by forgetting the check Brutal Gear for a black punk jacket.

Top Ballerina by New Zero

I love Punk music

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I love Punk music. When I say my RL age is 30 that sounds strange. But then again I’m mostly into classic Punk like The Clash and the Sex Pistols. Which those bands broke up before I even left grade school so I guess that makes it okay. I’ve never really been into the clothing subculture of punk but after Amelia posted her version of punk and I saw this shirt released this week Refuge I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans and a jacket to go with it. Well…. I’m still searching for the black jacket. I have some great brown ones, but no fab punk black one. So comment away with recommendations.

The jeans were something that were released from Skanks R Us that came across Fashion Consolidated. They were the right thing at the right time. (I admit I was one of the skanks my Freshman year of High School because they were the nicest people to me. Yes, I was awkward & very unfashionable at that point in my life. My mother shopped not the Wal-mart racks, but the Wal-mart CLEARANCE racks for me. I guess that’s why I’m a fashionista in my second life. I’ve learned to pay attention to color, shape, cut & brands of clothing later in life.)

Jeans – Skanks R Us – Dark Low Rise Jeans; Hair – ETD – Pizzaz – Black; Skin -Miau Haus – Tasty Toffee Skin – Strawberry; Manicure – TaP – Ballet prim nails; Shoes – Shiny Things – T-strap black; Top – Refuge – Suzy Skully

Yes, I’m experimenting with Photoshop again. I go through phases. I play with it. I stop. I start back and am work with different techniques. I have this powerful piece of software and for the most part I just use it to crop photos.

RFL 2006 – Part Cinco

March 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

Part five in this continuing series that started out with an inventory raid. Skin & outfit were all RFL 2006 items.

Hair – Zero Style – Curly Hair; Skin – Celestial Studios – Charmed Tone 30 – RFL Pink 3; Wristbands – Miau Haus – SLRFL Fight for Life; Outfit – Celestial Studios – Pixels in Pink Camp Outfit

RFL 2006 – Part واحد

March 11, 2007 § Leave a comment

Okay here’s more of the items from 2006’s RFL. Hair, Skin & Bathing suit were all Limited Editions for the Relay.

Hair – ETD – Hope – Chestnut; Skin – Celestial City – Charmed Skin Tone 20 – RFL Pink 2; Wristbands – Miau Haus – Fight for Life; Bathing Suit – ETD – Pixels in Pink

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