Shirts and Skins

April 22, 2007 § Leave a comment

Where do I start? The skin is from Bare Rose. Not only are they incredible, they’re $180L each. There’s a fair range of skin tones with regular, neko, and geisha makeups. You can see a little bit of the shading on the back but it’s even more impressive “in person”. The makeups are well-matched and well-blended. If I was a brunette I’d go nuts. I might anyway.

Next, clothes. Refuge has reopened with new stuff! I saw the shirt I’m wearing and new I had to have it. The jeans cut offs are from Tres Blah. The detailing is great isn’t it? BTW- the thing in the middle of my forehead is my Relay for Life Bindi from Norah. Just about everyone has a cancer story sometime I may torture you with mine. It’s a doozy! But right now I have more stuff to put into an outfit for you guys.

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