Lucky number 7

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Still here, actually starting to feel like interacting again. There’s a long post on multi-year depression in this mess but I haven’t gotten to the point where I can look back yet.

So somewhere in the last year I surrendered to mesh. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like mesh: shoes, hair, furnishings. I just haven’t liked mesh clothes because with standard sizes it meant serious changes to Amelia’s shape. I can deal with a flatter stomach, it looks like she started doing sit-ups.  Small breast reductions for certain tops are ok, although I prefer to avoid it. What really gets me is the ass. Amelia didn’t have much of one because I don’t and the addition looks like she had implant surgery and breaks the illusion that she’s me. I would have never expected to have this big a reaction to this particular area but there it is. I know creators are doing their best with the tools they have, I just want to remind people (if anyone is still reading) that the tech isn’t perfect yet.

So I have gotten several tops and some great jackets but today I’m focusing on mesh bottoms because I’ve been so picky about them.

Violet tie blouse with brown slacksThis violet blouse from Maitreya was my first mesh clothing purchase. It’s beautifully vintage and feminine without being frilly. I love this photo because she looks like she’s going to kick someone’e ass in the most ladylike way possible.

The pants are Dench from MichMi. All mesh pants seem to be skinny or giant legs while really defining the ass. Just not for me mostly. These are a nice elegant straight leg. Possibly the most important part is that they fit under many mesh tops and jackets! Mesh items from different designers often don’t play well together but these go beautifully with several other things in my wardrobe. I keep hoping she’ll put out lighter colors but no luck.

Navy jacket and pencil skirt with red blouse and boots.


The jacket is the Piper blazer from Elate! and the boots are Will from *G Field*. I got the fatpack and I’m considering proposing to them. They are wonderfully customizable with a number of options to mix and match. The skirt you may not have seen before. It’s the pencil skirt in dark blue from Bilo. Bilo does wonderful Near East inspired clothing but they also have some more traditional western pieces. This skirt is a mesh hybrid so I get the beauty of mesh while it still conforms to my shape instead of the other way around.


Blue tank top and jeans at the beachOne more shot, these jeans are from Jane and the top is from Ingenue. It’s interesting because it comes not only in the standard sizes but  also with “wider hip” versions of each so that it works better with mesh bottoms. It sits on top of these jeans without any problem.

So that’s me for now.




Actual New Stuff

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See previous post for explanation of why I don’t blog much.


Starting with the hair frmo Dark Mouse, one of my last hair fair prizes. The suit is from Pink Outfitters. The pants and jacket are sold separately in a variety of matching colors. The texturing has a lot of nice detail. Under it is a cami from Aphrodite Creations. This color is a freebie but you’ll be seeing it again in other colors, it’s great for layering and comes on al layers. The necklace and earrings are from a sale at Atomic Cherry. Zaara made the bracelet, I love the texturing on this too. The shoes are another freebie, this one from Maitreya for joining the group.


Book Smart Suit

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So much stuff to blog and it’s all coming out randomly.

So we have more Mischief, two new suits have just been released that are just fabulous. Both come with white shirts but a selection of colored ones are available for only 95L each. I’m wearing the blue one here with Maitreya Slinky Stilettos in Turquoise that I got at the shoe fair. The Shoe Fair, OMG, I spent way too much money.

Curio has reopened new deliciousness. This is Hipster, which was a group freebie. I didn’t take it off for a week after I got it.

Sin Skins 2.0 came out, I’m wearing the group gift which has underwear painted on.


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[Encore] AWBC Cozy Sweater Dress

Maitreya Dune Boots – Brown

!tb Juju sunglasses (bistre)

House of Heart ~ Soho necklaces

PixelDolls Corset Belts

January 23, 2008 § 1 Comment

 These belts are Neph’s response to a problem that has long plagued fashionistas. What do you do with that top that just doesn’t reach the top of your bottoms? While showing a little belly can be sexy it can also just look really trashy.  These belts are just the thing to add style as well as cover and I hope she adds more designs to the line.




My shoes above and below are Maitreya, I’ve been waiting a long while for those glossy red pumps :->. My jewelry above is from Earthstones, a little place just starting with a shop on the Couture sim.



Merry Christmas

December 23, 2007 § Leave a comment

This is probably my last post until Christmas. So have yourself a Merry little Christmas.

Photo Credits: Pose – Maitreya – CCRunwayPose21; Jewelry – Caroline’s Blue Cameo Locket in Gold & Pearls; Dress – Hubby’s Boutique – Claire; Boa – callie cline – Fog rainbowa; Skin – Skin Within – Arya ChristmasGift; Hair – bossa nova – brigitte – flame; Shoes – Maitreya – Enchant black


Jewelry Expo 4 – the Backlog

September 23, 2007 § 1 Comment

Yes, I’ve been slow to get stuff out from the Jewelry Expo. Story of my life lately. Anyway most of the stuff is being released in the designer’s shops now that the expo is over. This is the fabulous Chatalaine necklace from Muse and I paired it with Sofia one of the new ETD releases.Snapshot_118 copy
Photo Credits: Dress – Dazzle – Carlotta; Pose – Last Stand – fashion; Shoes – Maitreya – Enchant – black; Hair – ETD – Sofia – Chestnut faded; Skin – TaP – Vivant Buff – Chaton 2; Muse – Chatelaine Shoulder Brooch

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