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August 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

This cute little dress is something from Anna H Couture. It is a newer shop and this dress has really charmed me. It’s got a 2 layered skirt that comes as 2 different skirt attachments. I’d rather both skirts be attached together and only use 1 attach point. But it’s still very cute.

Photo Credits: Skin – Sode – Andrea – Minimal; Hair – 0 Style – Misty – Brown; Dress – AnnaH Couture – Candy Stripe; Shoes – Shiny Things – Tstrap revised -white

Review Copy: yes
Friends list or Update group: No
Price: L$250
Permissions: Top & Shorts: NO MOD/NO COP/TRANS; Skirt & Underskirt: MOD/NO COP/TRANS
Shop: AnnaH Couture

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July 15, 2007 § 7 Comments

I went to check out 0 Style again because I saw a new style released a few days ago. I have enjoyed the styles I picked up there in the past. I picked up these 2 styles in my preferred texture. The style on the left is Misty on the right is Eleanor.

Snapshot_002 copy
Left to right Misty, Eleanor

Review Copy: no
Friend or Update Group: no
Price: L$150
Permissions: No Transfer
Location: Zero Style
Blog: Zero Style in Japanese


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Totally 80’s

July 12, 2007 § Leave a comment

Totally 80’s
The 80’s are back. Relika just released this set called Eighties Diva. It comes with longer as well as the short tops I have on here. The leggings come on the underwear layer. The skirt prim lines up well with the wrinkles on the miniskirt on the pants layer (this pose distorts it).

Snapshot_028 copy
Photo credits: Skin – Soda – Allison Totally 80’s (beta test skin); Hair – 0 Style – Misty – Brown; Necklace – Last Call included in the Kerry outfit; Outfit – Relika – Eighties Diva -(left to right) River Blue, Sap Green, Sunshine, Venom Green & Warm Red

Review Copy: yes
Friend or Update Group: no
Permissions: No Transfer
Location: Relika

First Impressions

July 4, 2007 § 2 Comments

I spent most of yesterday at a the doctor’s office. Forgive me, but I’m tired. What am I doing while I blog? I’m probably just sitting around the loft lounging around. I find that this way I have quick access to look something up in my inventory if I need to. And I probably have like 5 tabs open in my browser window. Anyway this outfit is something that’s been sitting in my inventory a while. Just been saving it for a day I felt like it. Many pieces to this set. Also comes with a skirt option as well. So go get it. Mix and match the set or pair it with other pieces from other sets.

The skin is one I picked up at the miw sale. I went on such a skin binge a few days ago. Between miw and karamia I really racked up the charges on my Linden balance. Go check out both of them and get the demos!!!!

Skin – miw – Level 1 medium – goldenrod; Hair – 0 Style – cocolo – Brown; Shoes – Lassittude & Ennui – low heeled sandals – taupe; Outfit – First Impressions – Inspiration

Review Copy: No
Friend or Update Group: No
Price: you know, I forgot
Permissions: prims No Transfer, clothing No Modify, No Transfer

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Jia by Skin Within

June 11, 2007 § 2 Comments

I’ve overheard several people mention that they have a hard time finding good Asian skins in Second Life. So I mentioned that to Ayesha of Skin Within when she was needing ideals. The result is Jia.  She is a completely new body which is modifiable skin tone like all the Skin Within lines. Ayesha used a combination photosourcing, airbrushing and handpainting. The skins have a sheen (almost like body oil) to them. A single pack of skin, shape, brow & eyes cost L$1,200 with a 6 pack costing L$3,600. You may notice I’m not wearing my normal shape with this one as I felt it really should be photoed with the included shape, but I also have bonus face-shots [1, 2] with the skin with my normal shape. Also have bonus photo with more skin exposed. I’ve paired it with 2 different styles of my favorite Japanese hair from 0 Style.

Hair – 0 Style – Fog & Cocalo – Brown; Dress – DE Designs – Cheongsam – Black Tiger; Skin – Skin Within


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