Sophisticated Librarian

September 1, 2008 § Leave a comment

I nearly called this goth librarian but my hair would need to be black for that. I might do it in another post.

These are oldies but goodies I dug out of my virtual closet except for my skin which is a typically fabulous find new from Chai. My blouse is from Relika, my skirt is the beautiful Pencil Skirt from Ingenue, Stockings are Lovelace, shoes are Shiny Things, hair is Curio, necklace and earrings are color-change Bauble from Miriel.

Catch up

December 10, 2007 § Leave a comment

 Thanks for the good wishes. I’m still drugged out of my mind but that’s preferable to the pain.

Also, I need to point out that Tanya did the Bloggers’ Choice Awards all on her own. All I did was show up and take pictures. All the applause and Valium needs to go to Tanya.


Finally, I’m pouting that Tamara got to it first!  I like the look of the necklace even though I had to reattach the collar to the spine. There is a lovely violet version available at Relika as a freebie. The ring was a group gift from Cailyn, there were several of them in different colors.



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 The Golddigger cocktail  dress in gold was a group gift from Relika.


With it, I’m wearing Paon 4 the skin Tete a Pied sent out as a gift when their group reached 500. I think it’s va voom without the bright red I often resort to.


I feel pretty

September 20, 2007 § 1 Comment

oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bliiind…

I saw the Maitreya ad for the River hair and fell in love though it took me a while to figure out why. This is how I’ve always wanted my rl hair to do and it never will because it’s too fine. The Gemstone blouse from Relika is perfect with the juju skirt in grey from Bossa Nova (the update group gets the best freebies). It looks equally great and a little more modern with SLink’s Slate Mid-Thigh Skirt.

enkythings has retextured several of the earlier lines, including these gorgeous silver Tagona Dragon heels.

Totally 80’s

July 12, 2007 § Leave a comment

Totally 80’s
The 80’s are back. Relika just released this set called Eighties Diva. It comes with longer as well as the short tops I have on here. The leggings come on the underwear layer. The skirt prim lines up well with the wrinkles on the miniskirt on the pants layer (this pose distorts it).

Snapshot_028 copy
Photo credits: Skin – Soda – Allison Totally 80’s (beta test skin); Hair – 0 Style – Misty – Brown; Necklace – Last Call included in the Kerry outfit; Outfit – Relika – Eighties Diva -(left to right) River Blue, Sap Green, Sunshine, Venom Green & Warm Red

Review Copy: yes
Friend or Update Group: no
Permissions: No Transfer
Location: Relika

Relika’s Librarian

July 7, 2007 § 1 Comment

Update: I had this written, but then Amelia posted about it, but you get to see my version as well.

Relika released this outfit and I thought about Amelia, but I never asked if she got it so I’m blogging it. But I added the Shoulder Dragon that I picked up free somewhere just for her. 🙂 Now who would mess with a librarian who sushed you that had a dragon on her shoulder? This top is incredibly detailed with a prim bow on the wrap top.
Photo credits: Skin – miw – Level 1 Vain Jane medium; Hair – ETD – Bonita – Brunette (retired style); Jewelry – La Cim – Pearls; Dress – Relika – Vintage Librarian; Shoes – Shiny Things – Vintage Pump – black; [Yuki] Shoulder Dragon

Review copy: No
Friend or Update List: No
Price: L$195
Permissions: No transfer
Location: Relika
Blog: Relika

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Vintage Librarian

July 5, 2007 § 6 Comments

Sunday morning, er afternoon, Tanya yells down to me Relika’s a librarian! I find out what all this is about when I read the forums and find the Vintage Librarian ad. And yes, Relika is a librarian, which means I have to buy the outfit and review it because I’m a librarian too. *points to degree no one can see*

Since Relika did the traditional look, I felt the need to do urban.

The look isn’t as extreme as it could be but this is my rl area of expertise and librarians are a conservative bunch, at least the ones who hire you are. The shading and detailing on the top and skirt are very well done. The bow is a really cute side tie.

Then I had to do a moderate version.

I started not to wear this hair because it make me look like a librarian. Then I remembered 🙂 First, notice the subtle makeup? Remember conservative? And the flats? When you spend that much time up and down walking all around a huge building, heels are literally a pain. No sweater because Frustrated hadn’t opened yet but they’re Grannie Cardigans are perfect! Every library I’ve ever been in has been freezing 🙂

I was tempted to do a pic like I wear at work but I don’t have anything that bad in my inventory and it’s going to stay that way lol!

What a weekend!

June 18, 2007 § 1 Comment

What a weekend!
While I was busy moving (in SL), I was also running out to pick up the latest amazing releases.

The new /artilleri/ sim opened with the dress on the right. And skins! I put on the first demo and asked myself “Which colors am I getting?” I went nuts for the facial shading. Left is the plum makeup, right is the cocoa. Hair is a new one from Tickled Pink. Seriously loving the layers.

The dress on the left is Boytrap from Amaretto. I was a little hesitant to get this one because I wasn’t sure it would look good on me (this has actually happened in SL) but it was so worth it. You can’t tell from the picture but the belt buckle has a tiny “A” in the center. The skirt prim is really easy to fit too.

Next is Coquette from Relika. It pretty much screamed “Amelia come get me.” I love blue and grey. I also love pin stripes and these are well done. The tops do come on separate layers so you can mix and match and there’s a pretty green and brown set too which I may go back for.

Then there was Glam. I’ve got the beautiful Tweed Slacks and the incredible Pea Coat in gold. The bottom of the coat is managed expertly on the skirt layer. The prim belt is tintable. The shoes are Ketra in ivory from Last Call.

The jewelry is Maya in grape from Earthtones. Beach stones, tumbled amethysts, I have no idea what the textures remind me of but they are very rich and deep.

Sorry to send this to you guys all at once but I’m really behind and I don’t have time to do separate posts.

PixelDolls Sale

April 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

WooHoo! Port Seraphine is closed for renovations so there’s a 50% off sale at the Chartreuse location.

Dress is “Romance,” skin is SkinWithin Honey “Creme,” tatoo is Aitui “Cherry Blossoms,” shoes are “Spring Heels” by Relika.


March 26, 2007 § Leave a comment

Relika is a store I’ve been watching for the last month or so. Anyway I picked this dress up there. It’s called Flamenco, but it’s not what I would normally imagine when I think of flamenco, but it is very cute anyway.

Dress- Relika – Flamenco – golden; Eyes – Celestial Studios – Deep Ink; Skin – TaP – Rose Medium – Janiver slate; Hair – Hairapy – Bridget – Chestnut Brown; Jewelry – Sugar Punk – White Pearl Set

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