Relay for Life dump

March 28, 2008 § 2 Comments

I have bought so much RFL stuff that I’m just doing a round up post of what I’ve photographed.


Here we have Bossa Nova’s entry- Primavera in rain. I’m wearing it with a dollarbie hair that Truth put out and a pair of earrings from artilleri.

Draconic Kiss has put the Ella outfit out in several colors, including 2 for RFL: pink and this grey.


I absolutely adore the detailing on Lucille by Irelyn, again available for RFL in black and pink. My hair is from Gurl6 for the Fashion for Fido event.


Dress- Nyte’N’Day – RFL Seraphic Pink, Choker- Talisman – Pink Butterfly Choker

I have more but this post is too long already.


GuRL 6: Teet for Tat — GuRL 6 Needs your Visions…

May 31, 2007 § Leave a comment

Gurl 6 is holding a competition….Sort of. Read the blog link for the details and more info.

GuRL 6: Teet for Tat — GuRL 6 Needs your Visions…

What I would need from you : A folder with named “Inspiration – Your name/brand (if applicable)” Inside please include a picture of the outfit and Landmark for where to buy or if you are the one that designed it and are feeling generous you can include the outfit too ( wink wink nudge nudge lol ) and a notecard .. on the notecard I’d like you to write a vision you have for the hair that would go with the outfit, it can be vague or very specific and the name you would like for the hair. If your vision matches up with mine I will create the style you thought up!
In turn: I will wear the outfit in the hair ad, name it after either your first name or last name or if you are the designer of the outfit; your brand name, or the name of the outfit if you wish — you can also suggest a totally different name for it on your notecard as well) I will also send you an everything pack of the completed hair right after its finished and before it hits the shelves.


Hair Fair 2007

April 10, 2007 § 1 Comment

Tanya and I heard for weeks after we joined Second Life about Hair Fair last year. Naturally, we jumped into this year’s event as soon as we could.

First. we’re both in love with Starley’s new textures. This from the duo who made the rule that the same hair designer can never have both good blond and good brunette shades. My favorite is Caramel (also a rl favorite). I love it so much I’m going long, and pigtails with Annie May. I think it’s the bangs, they are so cute. The first short hair release may send me into the stratosphere.

Next is Annie May III. I think it’s supposed to look like a hot asian girl but I just feel like a panda. Still with the cute bangs.

And Macy. Yes, still long, but look at the detail at that barrette. And it’s a locks for love. And in Caramel. *Stamps foot*

Short again. This is Electric in Sand. The boy hair from Gurl6’s freebie bag. But it’s cute and short in a “just tumbled on the beach” sort of way.

I squee’d when I saw new Rita Groshomme hair. She was my first favorite hair designer. She has a new brand “Curio” and a new style, kind of goth/punk. This is Creepy. No really, that’s the name of the hair, in Ash Blond.

And this is Spiky in purple. Because once I tried on the demo in purple, I had to have it in purple. And blond. The blond version has the black tips too. Now I have to put together an outfit to go with it. Not that I have anything purple. *Tanya spews*

Last Call’s Girl Next Door

March 18, 2007 § Leave a comment

Ginny came out with a Girl Next Door line at Last Call. I really fell in love with this outfit.

Outfit – Last Call – Jessica; Eyes – Starry – Eyed Chocolate; Hair – Gurl 6 – March – Dark Brown; Skin – TaP New York Life; Undershirt – Fashionably Dead – Deimos Tank

RFL 2007 – Part 6

March 17, 2007 § 1 Comment

I applaud the creator of this jacket. It’s not pink (or even purple) It seems pink dominates RFL items. I had thought that purple would be the color this year, but pink is still a big color.

Jacket – Brutal Gear – Highwayman Brown; Hair – Gurl 6 – March – Dark Brown w/ Dk Grey tint; Skin – TaP – New York Life; Shoes – Last Call Vamp – Vivica – White w/ Chocolate; Top – Fashionably Dead – Deimos Tank; Jeans – ETD – Pink Ribbon

Find the Highwayman jacket here at Callatropia.

RFL 2007 – Part 5

March 17, 2007 § Leave a comment

More from the RFL items… In the news from DrFran Babcock on the forum:

Come down to L’elfe Blanc, and buy ANY purple dress for 100L and 50% of the cost of the dress will be donated to the Groovy Kinda Quest Relay for Life Team. Get pretty clothes and support the American Cancer Society.

L’elfe Blanc:

In this photo, Hair and Outfit are this year’s RFL items. Skin was from last year’s RFL.

Outfit – Stellar Designs – Cherish; Eyes – Miriel – Basic Brown; Skin – TaP – Nairobi Life; Necklace – Caroline’s Jewelry – Caoimhe Celtic Necklace; Hair – Gurl 6 – Rally – Black

Gripe and you shall recieve

March 9, 2007 § 3 Comments

I was just sitting in my Photosphere working on some photos to show you why my Linden balance was shot when I got an IM from Aleri Darkes. She had read the post where I had complained about the lack of good dark brunette textures. Hers is just a little off in shading and a tad too shiney.

Probably the ones I hate the worst (which irritates me to no end because I love her prim work) is Gurl 6. I’ve actually considered buying ETD’s old texture set she has for sell and redoing all my Gurl 6 hair with those textures.

But alas I digress from the story to the rant again. Aleri sent me the Cheer hairstyle in some new textures that she’s working on to ask for my feedback. I absolutely LOVE the midnight. I don’t normally fall that in love with a black texture, but I did with this one. And the sable is gorgeous. It’s a dark brown with subtle shading. Hopefully these will be release before too long with her hair releases.

She also does the release of demo hairs when she does her FashCon packages. I LOVE this idea, Aleri. I’m sitting in my own little neck of the woods going through the textures of releases when I get to hers I unpack it. It’s got demos of her releases. I just try them on in the comfort of my own quiet little pad, pick the styles that suit me before going to the store to purchase it. This is the ult!

BTW the Photosphere is usable by ALL. Please donate somewhere to RFL if you use it! That’s all I ask.

Now I return you to my digging through my inventory and creating my “Paperdoll” cause I’m out of L$ & the system won’t let me purchase any.

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