Booty from the Auction

September 25, 2007 § Leave a comment

I won SETI set in the Jewelry Auction. It just really appealed to my inner geek. So of course I had to show this off to you.
Snapshot_001 copy
Photo Credits: Skin – Tuli – Series 2 light #15; Jewelry – b.l.i.n.g. – SETI set; Hair – ETD – Anisa -Chestnut Burnt; Top – Luminosity – Celtic knit sweater; Pants – Luminosity – birch stripe jeans; Bracelet – b.l.i.n.g. – Cassie Pearl Bracelet; Shoes – Shiny Things – T-strap revised – white

Charmed Constellation Choker

September 24, 2007 § 4 Comments

It is always interesting to see a piece of work completed that you saw while it was “in the works.” The day the Jewelry Expo opened Delfina of Charmed was still working on this choker and sending a copy periodically for feedback. This is the completed product. I threw togethere the turnstyle sand dollar earrings with it, but I wasn’t too sure how well they went, but I just tried it. Snapshot_124 copy
Photo Credits: Jewelry – turnstyle – Sand Dollar Earrings; Skin – Tuli – Series 2 light #15; Hair – ETD Anisa – Chestnut Burnt; Dress – Luminosity – Marseille – black; Jewelry – Charmed – Constellation Choker – Scorpiustanya.jpg

Why we do photos?

August 12, 2007 § 2 Comments

It takes less time just to throw up the photos that the content provider, so why do we bother to take photos? Well, I’m going to give you this example. I saw the ads from Savvy?’s new Tops and what was my attention drawn to in these ads? Actually my attention focused on the pants & skirts. I looked at them thought “Nice”, but didn’t really give them another thought until I saw the photos on Deux Looks. Those photos grabbed me and I wanted those tops now! It’s kinda like when i was shopping in RL and I hated a top on the hanger, but it looked great ON Amelia.
Photo Credits: Skin – Tuli – series 2 light; Hair – ETD – Rachel – Chestnut; Tops – Savvy? – Separates; Jeans – Luminosity
Note: I don’t claim to be the best photographer, but sometimes just changing things up and having a new shot can spark interest.

Angel 7

July 6, 2007 § 1 Comment

My friend Zabe dropped these on me a while back. I have been the slowest person to review them. Mostly because I really had to take time to edit and taper the y-axis of the prim skirt because it was made for someone with wider hips than I. I tried resizing it, but it didn’t work. Finally had to mess with the y-axis taper to get a correct fit. But I love the top as it goes excellent with jeans. I know it had to be a major PITA to get the straps to fall off the shoulder like
that. And it meets on both sides very well.

The tube tops come in a 3 pack for L$79.

Snapshot_060 copy
Photo Credits: Skin – Tete a Pied – Juillet – Rose Medium; Hair – ETD – Bonita – Brunette; Dress – Angel7 – Bay Dress; Tops – Angel7 – Tube tops; Jeans – Luminosity – worn jeans with black belt

Review Copy: yes
Friend or Update List: Friend
Price: Tube tops L$79 for 3 tops, dress L$150
Permissions:  No Copy, No Mod
Location: Angel7
Attach point: pelvis

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Thrown Together 2

July 3, 2007 § 1 Comment

I told you I was dying to use the Robyn jacket with other stuff.

There’s the new Starley hair (beautiful texturing on the hat), Luminosity wrap shirt, G.L.A.M. tweed shorts and Lady Cassady Shoes. One of Tanya’s (and my) pet peeves in SL is puffy shoes that stick out from your foot. These fit nice and close with cute detail. All hail Daisyblue Hefferman‘s weekly roundups. This is the second or third time she’s picked up on something that I missed out on.


July 2, 2007 § 1 Comment

Unpop has amused the nurse. These are “girly” shirts. And when they say girly, nothing is more definitive of a girl than the uterus. I usually think of Unpop more for animations than clothing, but they really amused me with this one.

The crutches & cast are something I found at the Lollipop Shop. Matches my RL self now.

Snapshot_051 copy
Skin – artilleri – lily sunkiss – marielle; Hair – ETD – Willow Chestnut; Shirt – unpop – Girly shirt; Jeans – Luminosity -worn jeans black belt

Review Copy: yes
Friend or Update Group: no
Price: L$100 for 4 colors
Permissions: No Copy, No Mod
Shop: Unpop


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Celestial Studios hair

June 24, 2007 § 2 Comments

Where else would I wear a newsboy cap but New York? Well maybe Chicago, but I went with New York. This is one of the examples of a sculpty hat working well. Starley has a color change with 4 default tweed texture plus a white tweed texture that is tintable. I played around with the photos and have the extras up on flickr. Bonus Photo 1, Bonus Photo 2
Photo Credits: Skin – Tuli – Light – Xtreme candy; Hair – Celestial Studios – Jennifer – Truffle; Outfit – Luminosity – Irvington – olive; Necklace – Miriel – Tree of Life – Gold/Emerald

Review Copy: No
Friend or Update Group: Update Group
Price: L$150 for a 3 color pack
Permissions: No Mod (script only, you can edit the hair itself) , No Transfer
Location: Celestial Studios

Edit: 25 June 2007 @ 02:00 to correct permissions

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