Mix up

December 5, 2007 § 2 Comments

 I actually posted this last week but for some reason it showed up blank and I wes too tired to redo it then so I deleted it.


We have new hair from Tickled Pink in New Textures! Love em. The perfume bottle necklace is from Marly’s. Another beautiful sweater from Mischief and Skin Within has moved into shoes. I adore the texture and color.



October 10, 2007 § 1 Comment


Mischief does a wide range of styles but I’m a sucker for the school girl/ business woman looks. Invested is one of the latest of those. Even without a closeup you can see the detailing and the prim cuffs.  Modern day newspaperwoman? Editor of course. I’m wearing hair by Tickled Pink and earrings I picked up at the Opium 10L sale.

With Port Seraphine’s recent re-arran…

March 16, 2007 § 1 Comment

With Port Seraphine’s recent re-arrange was a massive release from Pixel Dolls, one of my favorite clothing stores in SL. This dress is Starcrossed in jade. It goes nicely with the green thigh highs from Lovelace (co-created by the same designer). The jewelry is the green Skyscraper bangle from Cailyn, the Tickled Pink Jademina pendant and the Stone Queen earrings and sandals from Gracile.

Another new goody is the Belted Suit. It comes with the pants and sexy jacket, nice for a dinner date. The jacket is on the jacket layer so a shirt slips right under it for a more professional look. I’m looking Luminosity’s Wrap Top in Charcoal and it looks like it was made to be part of the jacket.

Blogging for Amelia

February 20, 2007 § Leave a comment

I’m blogging these for Amelia. She hasn’t been “in the mood” to do the writing behind a blog post. So she sent me the photos she’s been making. I now present them to you.

hair: fetish, skin: Sin skins, outfit and necklace: Philanderer and Chinese New Year: Dragon both at Last Call, Bra from Lovelace to allow for tatoos. Ring from Tickled Pink. I haven’t taken it off since I bought it, which is saying something!

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