Alt 3

September 12, 2009 § Leave a comment


This is my third alt. So far, she’s a lot like what I originally envisioned Amelia being. Don’t ask me why I made her, I just did. I used to have this list of places for new avatars to go get free stuff but when I was shopping for her I surprised that most of those places didn’t have that stuff anymore. I did, however, find other places to fill in the gaps.

Her shape is a freebie from Lemon. It is copy/mod although I hadn’t changed anything when I took this picture. The skin and eyes are from the Pixeldolls L10 sale that’s been going on. Her coloring is inspired by a friend who just got back from Iraq. Her hair is a 1L items from ETD. ┬áHer clothes are from ETD too, the same sale area as the hair. Her shoes are a gift from joining the Maitreya group. And her earrings are from Junk which is always cheap.

Total to this point is less that 100L for a fairly personalized avatar. Where I really splurged was the AO. I could have probably made a fairly nice inexpensive one with some hunting but I opted for a fully premade one from Torrid. 350L for 15 poses, sits, walking and flying animations at this quality was just too good to pass up.

So that’s my experience with SL life on the cheap side. I might most more pics of later as she evolves.


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