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September 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

My top is from Tres Blah. My jeans are PixelDolls. Shoes are Lassitude & Ennui, watch is Calla, bracelet and earrings are more Miriel and hair is another Curio.


May 22, 2008 § Leave a comment

[Encore] AWBC Cozy Sweater Dress

Maitreya Dune Boots – Brown

!tb Juju sunglasses (bistre)

House of Heart ~ Soho necklaces

Tuli S5 skins

February 5, 2008 § 1 Comment

Tuli honored me with a preview package of her newest skins which are scheduled to be released Feb 7 at noon SLT in her main store in Le Zoo. I have been a fan of her skins since her first ones and still wear them. I think I have at least one of every series. Click on the photos for larger views.

The tears make up goes so well with the goth skin tone.
Photo credits: Pose – LAP – Captain Morgan; Skin – Tuli – S5 goth – Tears 3; Hair – Truth -Kensei 2 -Nutmeg; Top – Tres blah – stripey goodness – blue; Jeans – Luminosity – worn jeans -black belt

The lace is one of the most interesting looks I’ve seen in SL skins in a long time. The minute I saw the preview on Tuli’s blog I loved it and wanted it.
Photo credits: Pose – ANIMAH – animated stand 1; Skin Tuli – S5 light – lace 1; Hair – Calla – Day Lily – Dark Chocolate; Top – Tres Blah – black collared top; Accessories -Muse Classic Tank Watch Black & Dahlinks – Double Stand Pearls antique bronze pearls

Photo credits: Pose – LAP – Super Chick; Skin – Tuli – S5 asian – sweet 1; Hair – Fetish – casandra – mahogany; Top – Tres blah – vintage rose tee – mustard

Photo credits: Skin – Tuli – S5 exotic natural 1; Top – PushButton Industries – White Thermal; Hair – Calla – Sunflower Relay for Life – Black w/ Relay tips

Photo credits: Pose – last stand – fashion; Skin – Tuli – S5 medium – glam 1; Hair – Nylon Outfitters -crazy curls; Dress – Amaretto – Pallas

Photo credits: Tuli model pose; Skin – Tuli – S5 pale – rebel 2; Hair -Nylon Outfitters – Mod Style; Dress -Amaretto – Pallas

Photo credits: Pose – sugar cube; Skin – Tuli – S5 tan – diva 2; Top – [Intimizzio] Low- cut casual cami; Hair -Nylon Outfitters – short flippy


Playing dress up again

June 14, 2007 § 2 Comments

Playing dress up again. I’ve had my eye on this sweater set for a while, but I postponed the purchase. The necklace I am wearing here is Find Your Way. I played with Miriel’s Elaine dress with angles and lighting trying to reproduce an effect for Miriel that was mentioned in the comments. As a thank you she dropped the black set of Find Your Way (I had already purchased the gold collection).

Skin – Tuli – Light – organic; Hair – ETD – Daisy – Chestnut; Earrings – Miriel – Bauble – Gold; Necklace – Miriel – Find Your Way – Black/Peach; Top – Tres Blah – Polka Dot Sweater set – Pearl

Tres Blah Polka Dot Sweater Set
Review Copy: No
Friends List or Update Group: No
Price: L$450 for the fatpack, sorry I don’t remember the singles price.
Permissions: No Trans
Location: Tres Blah; Blog

Miriel Everyday – Find Your Way Necklace
Review Copy: Not really, it was for other reasons
Friends List or Update Group: Update Group & Live Model employee
Price: L$25 for a single piece; L$65 for the collection
Permissions: Pick your permissions (Copy or Transfer) when you purchase (and they are already gift wrapped)
Location: Miriel; Blog


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Playing paperdolls again. I saw this hair from [Random Industries]’s blog post. I saw it and thought I need that! The colors with the hair is interesting. You buy the hair. Then you pick your color shade and dye it that color. Once it’s dyed it cannot be changed. You can also dye the demos, so go try it out. I couldn’t decide which color was the one I wanted so I used demos until I figured out my color.  I paired it here with a tres blah jersey I picked up in the downtown sim and Launa Fauna’s leather pants with the sculpted legs.

Skin – Gala – RFL Wish – Medium Tone; Hair – [Random] – Cameron – Chocolate Brown; Shirt – tres blah – jersey with pins; Watch – SLStats; Pants – Launa Fauna – Isabeax leather pants –  black; Shoes – Shiny Things – Tstrap revised – white

Shirts and Skins

April 22, 2007 § Leave a comment

Where do I start? The skin is from Bare Rose. Not only are they incredible, they’re $180L each. There’s a fair range of skin tones with regular, neko, and geisha makeups. You can see a little bit of the shading on the back but it’s even more impressive “in person”. The makeups are well-matched and well-blended. If I was a brunette I’d go nuts. I might anyway.

Next, clothes. Refuge has reopened with new stuff! I saw the shirt I’m wearing and new I had to have it. The jeans cut offs are from Tres Blah. The detailing is great isn’t it? BTW- the thing in the middle of my forehead is my Relay for Life Bindi from Norah. Just about everyone has a cancer story sometime I may torture you with mine. It’s a doozy! But right now I have more stuff to put into an outfit for you guys.

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