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May 6, 2008 § Leave a comment

Dress- Tuli

Jewelry- Paper Couture

Tuli S5 skins

February 5, 2008 § 1 Comment

Tuli honored me with a preview package of her newest skins which are scheduled to be released Feb 7 at noon SLT in her main store in Le Zoo. I have been a fan of her skins since her first ones and still wear them. I think I have at least one of every series. Click on the photos for larger views.

The tears make up goes so well with the goth skin tone.
Photo credits: Pose – LAP – Captain Morgan; Skin – Tuli – S5 goth – Tears 3; Hair – Truth -Kensei 2 -Nutmeg; Top – Tres blah – stripey goodness – blue; Jeans – Luminosity – worn jeans -black belt

The lace is one of the most interesting looks I’ve seen in SL skins in a long time. The minute I saw the preview on Tuli’s blog I loved it and wanted it.
Photo credits: Pose – ANIMAH – animated stand 1; Skin Tuli – S5 light – lace 1; Hair – Calla – Day Lily – Dark Chocolate; Top – Tres Blah – black collared top; Accessories -Muse Classic Tank Watch Black & Dahlinks – Double Stand Pearls antique bronze pearls

Photo credits: Pose – LAP – Super Chick; Skin – Tuli – S5 asian – sweet 1; Hair – Fetish – casandra – mahogany; Top – Tres blah – vintage rose tee – mustard

Photo credits: Skin – Tuli – S5 exotic natural 1; Top – PushButton Industries – White Thermal; Hair – Calla – Sunflower Relay for Life – Black w/ Relay tips

Photo credits: Pose – last stand – fashion; Skin – Tuli – S5 medium – glam 1; Hair – Nylon Outfitters -crazy curls; Dress – Amaretto – Pallas

Photo credits: Tuli model pose; Skin – Tuli – S5 pale – rebel 2; Hair -Nylon Outfitters – Mod Style; Dress -Amaretto – Pallas

Photo credits: Pose – sugar cube; Skin – Tuli – S5 tan – diva 2; Top – [Intimizzio] Low- cut casual cami; Hair -Nylon Outfitters – short flippy



December 29, 2007 § 1 Comment

I picked this up at the Tuli shop back when the Muse sim first opened. On opening day the multipack of the Caliah dress came with a special edition skin by Tuli as well. Snapshot_013
Photo Credits: Jewelry – Caroline’s Blue Cameo Locket in Gold & Pearl; Dress – Tuli – Caliah in emerald; Skin – Tuli – S4 Caliah; hair – bossa nova – brigitte – flame


Booty from the Auction

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I won SETI set in the Jewelry Auction. It just really appealed to my inner geek. So of course I had to show this off to you.
Snapshot_001 copy
Photo Credits: Skin – Tuli – Series 2 light #15; Jewelry – b.l.i.n.g. – SETI set; Hair – ETD – Anisa -Chestnut Burnt; Top – Luminosity – Celtic knit sweater; Pants – Luminosity – birch stripe jeans; Bracelet – b.l.i.n.g. – Cassie Pearl Bracelet; Shoes – Shiny Things – T-strap revised – white


August 19, 2007 § 1 Comment

Tuli dropped her new release Carryn on me today. Very cute. So I took it as an excuse to dig out the stuff I purchased recently but haven’t blogged yet.

Snapshot_030 copy
Photo credits: Skins – Tete a Pied Vivant Buff – PinUp 1; lashes – cake – bedroom lashes; Hair – ETD – Chalissa II – Chestnut; Outfit – Tuli – Carryn – gray; poses – Maitreya modeling; Jewelry – Miriel – Beatrice Beach; Shoes – TaP – Black Maryjanes

Cassie has many different options as underwear as well as a cute strapless dress.
Photo credits: Tuli – Cassie; Skin – TaP – Vivant Almond Basic Red; Shoes – TaP – Black Maryjane; Poses – amaretto

Alicia is a cute halter dress is multiple patterns. I’ve only showed you 2 out of the 6 available options.
Snapshot_035 copy
Photo credits: Tuli – alicia -Dot & Leopard; Skin – TaP – Vivant Almond Basic Red; Shoes – TaP – Black Maryjane; Poses – amaretto


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The evolution of…. Tuli

August 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

I know she hasn’t been doing them long, but since Tuli has released her series 2 skins. I figured now would be a good time to do a short one on the evolution of Tuli skins.

Tuli series 1 light in Organique makeup
Snapshot_031 copy

Tuli series 2 light
Snapshot_035 copy

Shop: Tuli

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Why we do photos?

August 12, 2007 § 2 Comments

It takes less time just to throw up the photos that the content provider, so why do we bother to take photos? Well, I’m going to give you this example. I saw the ads from Savvy?’s new Tops and what was my attention drawn to in these ads? Actually my attention focused on the pants & skirts. I looked at them thought “Nice”, but didn’t really give them another thought until I saw the photos on Deux Looks. Those photos grabbed me and I wanted those tops now! It’s kinda like when i was shopping in RL and I hated a top on the hanger, but it looked great ON Amelia.
Photo Credits: Skin – Tuli – series 2 light; Hair – ETD – Rachel – Chestnut; Tops – Savvy? – Separates; Jeans – Luminosity
Note: I don’t claim to be the best photographer, but sometimes just changing things up and having a new shot can spark interest.

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