Peasant Garb at Renaissance Island

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Renaissance Island is a new endeavor from the Alliance Library System (the people behind the Second Life Library). It’s a medieval role-playing sim complete with cottages and store-fronts to rent. There are even stores with rooms above in a town-square. It’s not finished yet but a castle, theater and pub are planned in addition to the church that’s there already.

But you’re here for the clothes. πŸ˜‰

Drusilla’s Delight in Caledon was commissioned to create these outfits which are available for free in the stable next to the church. The woman’s comes with an undershirt, leggings, bodice, prim skirt, patched skirt, belt, stockings, sandals, hat, and caul (hair net thing ), all of which are mod (for color-change).

The skirt by the way has a really nice body and movement. The belt fits nicely as well, it’s just the pose that shifted it out of alignment. The cross in the first picture is from Earthtones Boutique.

The men’s version comes with a shirt, hat, tunic (on jacket and skirt layers) belt, socks, 2 pairs of pants and shoes. Again everything is mod, which you need with the shoes which are made for a size 0? They had already been adjusted once before the pictures. They were fiddled with a couple of more times before looking half-way decent.

Renaissance Island (137, 131, 26)

Fashion Challenge #3 results

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Okay, the results from Fashion Challenge #3 is in.
The winner is: Zorn Cheetah
Winning # of Points: 23
# of entries: 1 (I didn’t make my goal this time.)

Correct answers:
Eyes – Miriel – Basic Brown
Hair – Fetish – Princess – Mahogany
Shape – Tanya’s Shape
Skin – Skin Within – Maya DkTan – Sparkle
Earrings – Dazzle – 1er Arro – onyx
Shoes – Last Call VAMP – Bebe – noir
Dress – Last Call – Supermodel – old ivory

Fashion Challenge 3

March 26, 2007 § 1 Comment

After having only 1 entrant with Challenges 1 & 2, my goal is to have at least 2 people enter this competition. Send me a note card with FASHION CHALLENGE – YOUR NAME with your guesses. Winner gets L$100. Past winners are can participate, but will not be chosen to win unless all entrants have won a prior challenge. Anyone using groups such as Fashion Emergency to solicit help is disqualified. Group entries of 3 or less people will be accepted, but all people must be listed in the note card.

Name the designer, outfit name, & color name of each element of this outfit. Each correct answer gets one point. For example:

-Hair – Right Designer – Right style name – wrong color
– Dress – Right Designer – wrong style name – right color
-Shoes, Jewelry, Skin, Shape no clue

That’s 4 points right there. So take a wild stab at it. I must receive all entries by Saturday, March 31, 2007 by midnight SLT.

Fashion Challenge #2 results

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Okay the results from Fashion Challenge #2 is in.
The winner is: Adora Nozaki
Winning # of Points: 4
# of entries: 1

Correct answers:
Eyes – Mistress Midnight – Deep Brown
Hair – Damselfly – Tullia – Brown Sugar
Shape – Tanya’s Shape
Skin – Adam n Eve – Aquitaine Berry – Base
Jewelry – Dazzle – 1er Arro Deconstruit
Shoes – Last Call Vamp – Vivica – White w/ Black

Fashion Challenge #2

March 18, 2007 § 1 Comment

Fashion Challenge #2
I’ve been convinced to do another Fashion Challenge. So here we go, so digg back into your inventories. Send me a notecard by midnight SLT Saturday, March 24, 2007 entitled “Fashion Challenge – YOUR NAME” with as many items in the photo named as you can. The prize again this week will be L$100 (unless someone else wants to contribute to the game). Points will be awarded for the Designer, item name, color name, etc. Person with the most points wins. Groups such as Fashion Emergency, etc cannot be used!!!

Fashion Challenge

March 16, 2007 § 3 Comments

Okay a week ago I posted a challenge. Pulled out items and put them together and issued Fashion Challenge #1. Only 1 person responded and wins the L$100 prize.

Winner: Delfina Vacano

Correct answers were:
Eyes – Miriel – Basic Brown
Lashes – Sin Skins – Portia
Hair – Sky Designs – Temptress
Shape – Tanya’s Shape
Skin – Sin Skins – Silver Smoke – Stratus
Wristbands – Miau Haus – Fight for Life
Dress – Fiendish 3 – Gayle w/ Red Jolly Rodger

So should I continue this fashion challenge?

Fashion Challenge #1 – Digging around in the Inventory

March 9, 2007 § 1 Comment

Your Mission, should you chose to accept it, is to identify the maker/brand and the item name of the items shown in this photo. Bonus points for having the correct color names. I thought this would be an easier one to start out with.

You cannot use groups such as Fashion Emergency to help you out. I will offer a prize. I haven’t determined the prize yet, but it may be L$.


You may either drop me a Notecard in world entitled “Fashion Challenge – YOUR NAME HERE” (make sure you include your avatar’s name or you will be disqualified). All entries must be in by Friday March 16th midnight game time. No “group” entries will be accepted. In the event of a tie, random lottery draw with determine the winner.

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