Miam Miam Luxe

January 25, 2008 § 6 Comments

 Miam Miam put out some new jewelry and bags in gorgeous deep color.


This is the amethyst bracelet and earrings with the croissant satchel in prune. I’ve also got a new LF Chai skin, Zorena.


Then there is the adorable multi jewel charm necklace and dangle earrings that go perfectly with the Eydie handbag in magenta. I’m also wearing a new new skin from Tete a Pied, Lalique 3.


Popfuzz’s Corsets

September 8, 2007 § 1 Comment

Now those who know me knows I don’t show off my undies often, but I love corsets on occasion. These are from Popfuzz. Now I know that the prim bows are off. I stretched them some, but I kept making things worse so I finally just left it alone.


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Nylons by Axienne

May 21, 2007 § Leave a comment

Axienne dropped these Nylons on me. I love the detailing on the nylons them-self. The bikini and garter belt are lacy and see through. Not my normal cup of tea. No seaming or structure detail on the bra or panties, they just sort of start the pattern on your skin. But don’t you just see the Pin up girl coming through?

Skin – Sin Skins – Nimbus – Holly; Hair – Naughty – Public Affair – Sable; Underwear & Nylons – Nylons by Axienne; Shoes – Shiny Things – Vintage Pump – Black; Watch – SL Stats

BTW Happy Rez Day to Me! Happy Red Day to Me!

CKS Designs

May 12, 2007 § 1 Comment

Kit dropped a review pack on me during the week I was working so it took me a while to get all these photographed and the text written with my insane RL work days plus the Fashion Directory (which will be printed soon as someone begged me for a few more days due to computer issues). So if you still haven’t gotten your ads in you have until Sunday evening when I log on. Anyway, on to the clothes!

First off is Detention. This outfit is probable the cause of that detention! Little micro skirt and a mid-rift bearing top. Very cute and sexy. Also comes in many yummy colors.

Detention in Toffee

Okay, I must say in RL I never understood the “Shorts as part of a business suit” look and as a result that dislike transfers over to SL. It is very cute, but would have probably utilized pants more. The jacket (even though my photos don’t show it) has a deep V in the back. Another design point I don’t understand. Yes, you don’t have to worry about it falling off in SL like I would in RL, but I still have a lot of RL design likes/dislikes hang ups with clothing that transfer over to SL. I love the sheer blouse underneath. And how did she ever get those pinstripes so well done?

Girl Power

Juliet was my favorite outfit. Wonderful neckline, uber cute poof sleeves. I had trouble getting the skirt just right on my avatar. Probably just me having a bad day with prims. I’ll have to play with it more when I’ve had more sleep. It comes in several more adorable colors as well.

Juliet Antique

Okay, another design thing that I transfer over from RL. I really avoid mixing large patterns. I like the patterns separately but when combined my eyes don’t like it so much. The bow is integrated with the skirt so it isn’t really possible to separate them.

Stephania Sea

I know you don’t often see me in lingerie. To be honest I don’t wear it that often (you, mind, out of the gutter, quick!). I don’t have as SL beau to show it off for. And I’m almost as private in my SL as I am in RL. But this was just too cute not to show you.

Ribbons and Bows

I know I seem to overuse the word cute here in this article, but I get more verbose on things I don’t like than things I do like. I try to give constructive criticism on stuff I don’t like so you know why I don’t like it. That reason I don’t like it may be something that isn’t a big deal to you. So folks form your own opinion! And feel free to share in the comments. That’s what they are there for.

RFL 2006 – Part Deux

March 11, 2007 § Leave a comment

Yet another swimsuit from 2006’s RFL. Skin and hair also from RFL 2006.

Hair – ETD – Life – Chestnut; Skin – Celestial City – Charmed Tone 30 – RFL Pink -1; Bikini – ETD – PiP Bikini

RFL 2006 – Part واحد

March 11, 2007 § Leave a comment

Okay here’s more of the items from 2006’s RFL. Hair, Skin & Bathing suit were all Limited Editions for the Relay.

Hair – ETD – Hope – Chestnut; Skin – Celestial City – Charmed Skin Tone 20 – RFL Pink 2; Wristbands – Miau Haus – Fight for Life; Bathing Suit – ETD – Pixels in Pink

Digging through the Inventory – Relay for Life 2006

March 11, 2007 § Leave a comment

Okay, I was looking back through the Inventory closet to see what I forgotten and I find some old SL RFL items from last year. So I’m going to do a photoseries on them. I’m hoping for some of the same quality stuff for this year. The wristbands are from this year and currently available for purchase at Miau Haus. The Onepiece was a Pixels in Pink limited edition for the Relay last year.

Eyes – Miriel – Basic Brown; Hair – Fetish – Entice II – Mahogany; Skin – Skin Within – Azora Tan – Flirty; Wristband – Miau Haus – Fight for Life; Mistress Midnight – Pixels in Pink Onepiece – Pink

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