I’m back? Kinda, sorta, a little bit

April 7, 2010 § 4 Comments

Many moons ago, My laptop stopped being able to keep Second Life open for more than 5 minutes without crashing the whole computer. Various remedies helped a little bit but I was never able to stay in world for more than 15 minutes.

This was enough of a problem but it coincided with a growing ennui on my part, a simple boredom with the world and with myself. I tried creating alts but that just gave me more people to neglect. If you can’t explore and interact with people SL just isn’t much fun. I also felt like I was buying the same stuff over & over, I’d see stuff I liked but it just wasn’t “Amelia” – I had set her so firmly in my mind she was stagnating.

Two things happened to change things recently.

  1. I got an ad for Launa Fauna’s tattoo layer beauty marks
  2. I got a new computer

Number two is fairly self-explanatory. I love my new iMac with an unholy passion and it has no trouble at all with SL.

As for number one, ever see something and get slapped in face with “Want!“? Amelia is basically a perfected version of myself. She has many of the same characteristics and flaws that I do, those being understated or exaggerated at my whim. Probably the biggest difference (besides stomach size and hair color) is that I have this giant witch’s mole on my chin. (Seriously, it’s the exact same size and placement as the Wicked Witch of the West.) I gave up the idea of her having one when I created her because those things were up to the skin creators.

I’d also given up on the idea of Amelia having a tattoo. I’ll never have one in RL because of sagging skin and, you know, pain but I do admire them and what they can say about a person. I’d played with them for a bit on the underwear layers but the fact they got taken off so often for layering made them too “unreal” and annoying. Plus I never found one I liked for her permanently.

So when I saw the ad and found out that not only was the tattoo layer usable but beauty marks were already out, I logged right in and ran over to get them. And they were exactly what I wanted, except for the placement. My first though was to commission a custom one. I had thought about the tattoo I had wanted during my “break” and had a decent idea of what I really wanted. So I was looking at two tattoos, one a lot of work for the artist to narrow down what I wanted, when I went google surfing to find out more about them.

Problem: There is only one tattoo layer, so if I wanted both the mole and the tattoo, they had to be on the same layer which meant basically by the same artist.

Solution: The viewer is past the obscure file extension and the difficult to understand alpha channel transparency and now supports 24-bit PNGs. This I can do.

So over several days and a couple of hundred linden in uploads, I have my own personal beauty mark and tattoo that I never take off. Just knowing I’m still wearing it even if it’s covered by clothes makes it more “real.”

Anyway, now  I have to show you pretty pictures. Be warned, these may be the last you see from me for months more. Fashion blogging is time-consuming and hard work and I don’t have the time or the energy for it right now.

This is what I was wearing when I started this post. Do you recognize this av? I don’t. I found the hair when I went looking for something else at Exile. It”s called Amelia and I love it so much I’m pretending it was named after me 😉 The glasses are from Primoptic, they fit better with the outfit than my regular ones.  The skin is one of the Audrey line from 5th & Oxford. Yes I know both they and Launa Fauna have new lines out but they look pretty bad on me, I’m pretending I’m ok with this. At least it leaves more money for other stuff. The outfit is Urban from Gypsy Soul. I was so proud when the boots from Shiny Things (still the best shop name evar) went perfectly with it until I realized that they were the ones shown in the ad *pout*. Bracelet is from U&R Dogs. And the bag was a love at first sight from Veschi I think, it doesn’t say.

This one is totally to show off my new tattoo. Even if it’s not the world’s best, I like it because I made it. Hair is Sabrina from Dark Mouse. Love her textures but this lighting doesn’t do it justice. Glasses are my normal Sophie from Primoptic. Jewelry is Eolande’s Cameo & Pearls locket. Pearls are very popular for jewelers in SL but difficult to do well and realistically so I was thrilled when these came out. The detail is gorgeous. Shrug is from Mischief (I’m very into layers this year when I never have been before *shrug*) Top is Leopard Love from Atomic. As is the tote. That was another must have once I started wandering around again. The jeans are my old painting jeans from iki, which were the first thing I could find that rode low enough to show off the tattoo. A problem I’ve since rectified however 🙂

And because this stuff is addictive like all time-pits, one more because I just can’t stop. The bag is one of my favorites from Bare Rose. A shape that is one of my favorites in RL too. Hair is the demo from Exile, it’s a freebie in all the colors. Jewelry is Eolande’s Princess pearls, which I’ve been beating myself forever for not blogging.  Everyone has blogged the new Jori outfit from 5th & Oxford (I loved them way back when they were Tete a Pied 😉 I like the contrast of the cardigan with different colors. You can see the cami peeking through the little holes. The cami, btw, is from last month’s freebie from Mischief. The bottoms are Boardwalk shorts from Raspberry Aristocrat.

It’s a classic Amelia look, and yet not, I like it.

BTW, any tips on lighting for the new viewer? I haven’t been able to come up with anything I really like.

Sam’s pants

August 13, 2009 § 2 Comments


Hey, it’s not a month late! Still going through my hair fair picks. This is a nice lose bun from Dark Mouse. Sam’s pants are from Aphrodite Creations, as are the shoes which I haven’t worn as much as I should have this summer. The cute pose was another blogger thank you gift from Cyanide.


Kelly Blue

August 8, 2008 § Leave a comment

The theme for this episode was running Saturday errands. We have MichaMi Bustier & Shorts Suit punched up with Shiny Things’ Kelly sandals. If Fally did fatpacks I would have bought one but as is I had to settle for buying most of them separately 😉 It’s topped off with Truth’s latest freebie Kensei 2.


June 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

New Shiny Things *drool*-Florina Collection. Look at that detail. [VG Republic] ‘Button Bermuda Short’ in Brown, (PixelDolls) Button Jacket, *PBI* the Gatsby Blouse (bone).


September 9, 2007 § 3 Comments

Yes, I had the patience to make it through ETD. With some luck I managed to occasionally get a Buy button. Yes, if you though you saw me running around without hair or shoes or an AO, that was me. If this was just a store opening, I dread to see my system at the Jewelry Expo. It was almost enough to consider going as Ruth for the Expo. You know, I might would consider it if the donations get high enough. Snapshot_032
Photo credits: Shoes – Sugar Cube – Ketty; Skin – Tuli – Series 1 light – organic; Necklace- Last Call – Poema Pearls; Top – Savvy? – Poppin’ It Top – Charcoal; Capris – ETD – Denim Capris – Classic; Hair – ETD – Lannah – Chestnut; Pose – Amaretto


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Boho by Canimal

July 6, 2007 § 1 Comment

Canimal released her Boho set and everyone ran to get it because it’s that good. Yes, I am wearing the Tete a Pied Julliet skin, it may be my favorite TaP skin ever actually. Which, considering the size of my TaP folder, is saying something ;-).

First is Looli, which comes in 2 sets in each pack. I bought green so green/brown is on the left and green/grey is on the right.

Next is Rain in brown. Not that I don’t like the whole outfit but I bought it for that shirt. With the keyhole neckline and the faint princess seams. Yummy! And it’s tintable.

Finally, Allure, a tunic top with embroidery and shorts. Boy are those short. Though I have the legs to carry them off in SL, I doubt I’ll be wearing them often. Still, the top looks great with the skirt above or longer denim shorts. I did have some concerns with the seams at the shoulders and the sides. It doesn’t seem to go with what otherwise looks like a handmade piece. However, I’m not going to let that ruin my enjoyment of an otherwise adorable shirt.I love earth-tones so that’s what I got but she has other colors too, so don’t let that frighten you off.

Thrown Together 2

July 3, 2007 § 1 Comment

I told you I was dying to use the Robyn jacket with other stuff.

There’s the new Starley hair (beautiful texturing on the hat), Luminosity wrap shirt, G.L.A.M. tweed shorts and Lady Cassady Shoes. One of Tanya’s (and my) pet peeves in SL is puffy shoes that stick out from your foot. These fit nice and close with cute detail. All hail Daisyblue Hefferman‘s weekly roundups. This is the second or third time she’s picked up on something that I missed out on.

[Guest Blogger: Rose Farina] Tango Summer II

June 27, 2007 § Leave a comment

Hi everyone! You may not know me so I will introduce myself. I’m Rose Farina of Rose Petal Creations, today however I am guest blogger for SL Fashion Notices! When Tanya asked me to be a guest blogger I was so excited because this is an awesome blog and I have a great time reading it! I had fully planned on blogging Pukk Abels recent RFL release but Tanya beat me to it! 🙂 That will teach me to be slow!

So I reached into my closet and pulled out something that I have been wearing quite alot since it came out a couple weeks ago. Tango Summer II from Doc Eldritch of DE Designs makes me think of quiet walks on the beach …perhaps barefoot! As you see it comes in 3 pants options, the shorts are VERY short a warning for gals who are shy like me! I love the capri length for the summer evening look, and the pants are great too! Wonderful shading on everything. Tango Summer II also comes in two other sets where the tops are black or a lovely olive color or the fat pack of all three.

Review Copy: No
Friend or Update Group: No
Price:250L for Single Color 550L for Fat Pack
Permissions:Copy Only
Location: DE Designs
Blog: De Designs

Classy Broads

June 14, 2007 § 2 Comments

Late to the party as always. So many things come out at once sometimes that occasionally gems get buried only to be re-found later. Dakota seems to be on a one-woman spree to make the system skirt acceptable. And doing a darn good job. It helps that with the number of pieces that comes in these packs and the limited color palate, they can be mixed and matched any number of ways. If they were real, they’d make a great traveling wardrobe.

 Haver was first I think. 2 t-shirts, a dress and a pair of capris. One thing that I particularly like is that she uses the underwear layer to extend the shirt down to meet the pants. So full coverage with the jacket layer free for a jacket. Must remember for fall.

 Then there was Roslin with the pretty blouse, a dress you could wear 2 different ways, and another pair of capris.

 I thought this was a good one to show the use of the underwear layer for the top of the capris and the adorable detail on the back pocket.

 Finally, so far, is Manna which is a shorts/capris outfit. I love the separate shirts (the undershirt is tintable and comes on different layers). The shorts have prim cuffs and the tights are part of the package. I didn’t get a pic of the capris, instead, I have the Relay for Life shorts in pink. Love the fabric texture, Again, it comes with prim legs and another pair in purple.


Snaps Outfitters & New ETD Hair

March 26, 2007 § Leave a comment

I was just reading along on my blog feeds when I spotted an article on Appearance Mode and one shirt caught my eye. I own this shirt in RL! Only complaint I have is the seams don’t match well on my avie :(, but I look forward to seeing new stuff by this team.

And new hair by ETD! This is a rework of an older style. That seemed to be the theme of her recent batch of releases.


Skin – TaP – Rose Medium – Newbie; Hair – ETD – MeriJayne II – Chocolate; Tee – Snaps Outfitters – Audrey
Hepburn tee; Shorts – Snaps Outfitters – green cargo shorts; Jewelry – Sugar Punk – White Pearl Set

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