Pixel Dolls Autumn 2007 Collection

October 7, 2007 § 4 Comments

I have so much to blog already this week that I’m bombarding you guys early.


First up is the Adelaide set. I’m only showing 2 of the possible configurations. The embroidery is even more awesome in world.


This is Jewel. Again, only 2 of the possible ways to wear it. There’s a beautiful system skirt option as well.


This is Tilt. Another great dance dress. I should mention that these tops all come in every possible layer combo so they look great with jeans.


The Eugene Jacket and Luxe jeans, I have the urge to find a Babylon 5 build.


The ViVi Jacket, also looks good without the the skirt.


What could possibly go with dresses, jackets and jeans? Corsets!


Fortune, Minerva, and Stephanie. All are laced up the back as shown with Athene.


The corsets also come in a ton of different layer combos for your wearing needs.



§ 4 Responses to Pixel Dolls Autumn 2007 Collection

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