About Us/Policies

Tanya Book

Hello, My name is Tanya, and I’m an addict. I find Second Life fashion I like and blog about it here occasionally. I’ll admit I’m a fan of several of the “Name Brands” of Second Life, but I will admit I also enjoy discovering newer talents. I also blog about freebies or events on occasion. I blog what I like for the most part. Occasionally I just have to share something I can’t stand. You can email me at NurseTanyaBook@gmail.com or IM me in world.

Amelia Book

She’s added to the blog so she can add her own profile later.

LeroyJethro Gibb

Yes, named for Mark Harmon’s NCIS character….

Review Copy Policy

  1. It is our policy never to ask for Review Copies unless we’re specifically told to ask. We started doing this blog to post the fashion photos we’ve done. No other real reason.
  2. If you want us to review something we will accept review copies. While we try to be considerate to those who offered us review copies, we can not guarantee that it will be featured on the blog. If you’d like to make them no copy/transfer, we’ll be glad to return them to you if you wish.
  3. If we got something free that we’re blogging about (i.e., from an Update Group or a Lucky Chair), we’ll post that info somewhere in the post.

IM or email NurseTanyaBook@gmail.com for questions.

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