New Layniewear

May 31, 2007 § 2 Comments

I put on the first Layniewear outfit and squeed! I’m infamous IRL for my love of sweetheart necklines and these are beautiful.

I like Elaine’s flower print and the band at the bottom tying the skirt to the top.

Elise also has the band on the top. All three dresses come with both prim and system skirts.

I’m also wearing the Charmed: Initially Yours Talisman. It comes copy/mod in a full A-Z set.

The Spinning Earth orb ring from ~Aries Celestial Designs~ is nicely detailed and for once a script is appropriate. I can sit and stare at it.

TaP Blue Office Fling Slingbacks. Tete a Pied, shoes. What else is there to say?

Of course I love purple but I also love the design on the bottom of the Vanessa skirt.

I’m wearing the EJM: Gold Amethyst Swing Drop Set with it. Elexor does very delicate work. I love the unusual shape and the balance.

TaP Purple Satin Slingbacks. Another *must have* Great prim work, fabulous textures. About what you would expect. 😉

Last is Piratewear. I added the Teagan Long Brocade Grey corset. The pants can also work as underwear or swimwear. The lace on the skirt adds a nice touch. All I need is a sword and a whip :->

I’m also wearing the Charmed: Chaos Beads earrings and bracelet, and logo necklace from the Unbirthday folder. I love the funky Chaos beads. I was going to go get a necklace I saw on someone else when I found out it was on the underwear layer. *pout*


§ 2 Responses to New Layniewear

  • I’m glad you like the jewelry. The gem on the Talisman Initially yours set, as well as the initial, is tintable, btw. 😀

    There’s also a matching necklace for those earrings and another set of stuff for that bracelet.

  • Thanks for the boost darlin, nothing pleases me more then a happy customer. Wanted to mention that my main store JUST relocated. The Crumbi location wil be closing its doors forever within the next day or so. The good news, however, to celebrate finally being in a sim that doesn’t lag me to the point of maddness, every item in the new store (and new store only- Aries Celestial Designs , Osato (141, 29, 52) ) is marked down to $100 L or less for one weeks time.

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